Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Online Nine West Purchase: Return or Keep?

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beige suede, size 7M
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Bayles: An Open Toe Bootie

I need some help deciding. On Friday night I was putting together my dinner outfit (similar to the above with jeggings), and asked my husband if he liked the new shoes. He immediately gave a disgusted look, and told me I looked impoverished...because of the exposed toes. So, I am wondering if they are skirt/dress/shorts boots only. What do you ladies think? Or am I trying too hard to make them work because of the awesome price? Return or keep?

Felicidad: A Mid Heel Caged Sandal

Another pair that I want to work because of the price! I thought these would be a cute pair of work shoes. Unfortunately, the backs dig into my ankles. I keep thinking...perhaps the roughness will wear down?! Any tips for making it stop? Return or keep?

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  1. Love the caged sandals! I know they may be uncomfortable, but I always hate new shoes for the first week that I wear them. Once they're broken in, I normally find them much more comfortable.

    I have an issue with the contradiction of the open-toe bootie, so I don't own any. However, a girlfriend of mine rocks them & looks adorable.

  2. You have such a hot body. That dress looks AMAZING on you! I don't like the booties, but the second pair is a major KEEP in my books. They're so cute and are perfect for the summer. I think the ankle boots cut off your legs a bit, even though I own a few pairs myself. I think the turn-off for your pair is the huge gap it forms at the opening. Yikes. D:

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. @The Little Dust Princess Thanks! :p Yes...there is that darn gap...grr!

  4. keep the sandals! :)

    I dunno about the booties though. They look ok with the jeggings. tough one! but u did get an awesome deal on them!

  5. michelle-- i like the booties (paired with jeggings), but it looks like its too roomy/big for you. Return.

    i love the strappy caged sandals though. they seem to be more fitting and will probably go with a lot of things. Keep!

  6. i like the look of open-toe booties, but these look a little too big in the ankle area. i would say return.

    as for the caged sandals, they look super cute! hopefully the back will soften up a bit after some wear. these are a keep!

    great outfits too, btw! :)

    cute and little

  7. I'm not sure how I feel about the exposed toes, but I do know that I'm not a fan of how loose it fits you esp around the ankle. I personally would return even if they were heavily discounted. I do like the sandals though! Although if they're uncomfortable then I'd think twice. I know people say shoes need to be broken in, but I find that I usually give up and just buy new shoes before I get to that stage! :P

  8. ankles look too big for you...i'd return. the second pair is really cute...but if they are uncomfortable...not worth it either. you can apply money from both toward something you really like!


  9. I don't like the booties. They are cute but slightly too big on you. The caged sandals are the keeper for sure. I love the neutral color that would go with everything. Good luck deciding :)

  10. I don't like the bayles...they are way too big for you around the ankles and I just can't see you reaching for them. The second pair is adorable but if they are uncomfortable return them? Do you think you can break them in? I have shoes that are so stubborn that I thought I could stretch out and let it conform to my feet but that never happened...can't wait to see your AE haul! That first dress is SOOOO cute and just my style! :)

  11. Hi Michelle. You mentioned about the Nine West oxford in my recent post. Are they comfortable? I'm concern about the 4" heel. How long have you have them?

    Love the second pair. Definitely very sexy :).

  12. I agree with everyone else. I like the booties, but the opening at the top are too big for your slim ankles. Return! The caged sandals are super super cute and so perfect for spring and summer. If you can break them in, I'd keep them for sure. I've read that using a leather moisturizer or spritzing the leather until damp (check in an inconspicuous spot to make sure that the water won't damage the shoes first though!) and wearing them around the house with thick socks will help soften up new leather sandals.


  13. I vote for booties only with jeans. Either your ankles are too skinny or the leg opening is too large. I'm not sure if it's worth it if you can only wear them occasionally. The second pair is a great neutral, plus the fit looks great on you. Keep!

  14. Oh Michelle! I tried to buy the caged sandals too, but they didn't have my size online :( Anyhoo, obviously love them....I bought some similar looking ones from F21 I just hope they look as good as the Nine West. As far as the boots are concerned, I usually find open toe booties very attractive but I'm not loving these for some reason.

  15. Love the caged sandals! I've heard that a little vaseline on your heels can prevent blisters and rubbing. Might want to give it a try. As for the booties, I'm not really sure. Personally, I'm not a fan of open toed booties but I think these are kinda cute. Keep them if you really like them but not just because they're cheap.

  16. Sigh, I have to vote no to both Michelle! I do like the caged sandals but if they aren't comfortable then they aren't worth keeping. Open toed booties don't seem to look good on anyone, but maybe that's just me being scared by a little sliver of toe showing.

  17. Dear Michelle:
    please return the first pair of booties - it's way too big on you and it just doesn't look polished.

    the second pair is ok but i think the color ages you :(

    you're completely gorgeous and i think you need amazing shoes to match. i vote return both :D

    p.s. if you ever need something to protect the back of your ankle (the achilles tendon area) you should try these: http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Scholls-Heel-Liners-Womens/dp/B001EPQAYK/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1297298886&sr=8-11
    the ones in the link are for dr. scholls but you can get the generic ones from duane reade or rite aid or any pharmacy. get the NON-GEL kinds .. the gray plasticy ones can be hidden if you trim it down and I SWEAR BY THESE THINGS! they are AMAZING. just take note that they do add a bit of bulk ~ 1/8th of an inch or so to the overall shoe. so if your shoes are already tight, it will definitely be tighter after stick these to the back of the heel area.

    good luck! ;D!!!

  18. I think the booties are cute, but look big around the ankles, so I think they are a no go ( I'm also LOVING your pattern mixing)

    I do like the caged sandals, but if they aren't comfy, you probably shouldn't keep them...although I've had NW shoes before that dug into my ankles and they eventually stretched out a little and were comfy!

  19. I love the caged sandals. You might try some of those "shoe petals" that you stick in the back for cushion. I would think they would soften if you wear them around the house for a day or two with a pair of socks to break them in, but you might keep searching to see if you can find some similar that don't hurt. I know there will be a lot in stores soon. I do LOVE the look of them though, but it is not fun when your feet hurt.

    As for the booties, I'm not a fan. They look too masculine to me -- minus the whole open toe thing :)

  20. Thank you so much ladies for your honest opinion on the shoes! I am so glad you made me wake up about the booties. I really love them...but it's true...my ankles are too tiny for them. :(

    And thanks for all the suggestions on how to fix my caged sandals. I really want those to work...still not sure about those.

    @oomph. That is a really good idea!

    @Elle I am excited too! It is taking a lot longer than usual to ship my order, though...because of all the crazy weather. I purchased on Sunday, and still no shipping email! Normally, my order would have been arriving soon!

    @Sydney Check your latest post for my response! :)

    @Tara Thanks! I do feel that I am getting bolder with the pattern mixing thanks to all the inspirational ladies out there, like yourself! :p

  21. I like the open-toe booties with the skinnies but it looks a little gap-py on bare legs?

    I love the look of the caged sandals but I'm always wary of anything that feels uncomfortable especially since I'm guessing you're on your feet much of the time as a teacher.

  22. if you are iffy on them, i would return! especially the uncomfy shoes.

  23. i really like the first one but it looks kinda big on you, exchange :)


  24. I am going to be the lone dissenter here but I love the first ones on you! While they are big, I think that style would look like that on anyone- they'd be fun to rock with a cute summer dress like this:


    With a cool necklace or bracelets, mmhm.

    I think they look great with your skinnies, too--but then again, I definitely have a ridiculous attraction to slightly odd footwear and have seen that look of disgust on my own Husband's face many-a-times. Oops. :D

    I say keep them for fun, but don't keep them if you think they're going to sit in your closet unworn!

  25. I vote to return the booties and possibly keep the brown sandals if you think they will stop hurting.

    I wonder if they will break in or will it forever hurt your feet? Maybe return? Super cute though and more practical:)

  26. That blue dress is freaking gorgeous on you.

    Very adorable blog; added you to blogroll!


  27. The booties are the wonderful; I hope you didn't return them!
    I thought they fit perfect and are gorgeous!
    The sandals are ok, return them if they are uncomfortable; they don't look like anything too special.

  28. I posted the above remark.
    Actually the way I came across your site is I was trying to find a pair of open toed cowgirl boots because I fell in love with a pair that are discontinued. They are called Ash Santa Fe Open Toed Cowgirl Boots.
    Later, while searching for a similar style, I found these on buy.com. However, I wanted to see how they would look on a person.
    So, I am grateful that you had your lovely photos up!
    LOVE the boot! (Especially since they are a contradiction!)

  29. @Anonymous I am so glad that this post helped you! I have been wearing the booties much more than I expected...hope you enjoy yours! :)


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