Thursday, February 3, 2011

LOFT: Nautical Stripe T-Shirt, Cotton Metallic Tiered Jacket, & Deep Cowl Neck Shell

LOFT is doing another giveaway! Visit their Facebook page for more info on how to win a pair of their new peep-toe booties...which are super cute! They are a tinge of oxford, and a gorgeous cognac color! The giveaway ends this Sunday.

Also, be sure to stop by Alli's new petite blog, Ski Petite. She did a thorough review of the LOFT jacket featured in this post.

Featured Items

nautical stripe t-shirt
xxsp, steel grey
also available in bright gold
style#: 255770
price: $49.50

cotton metallic tiered jacket
oop, mauve shadow
also available in black
style#: 256452
price: $98

deep cowl neck shell
xxsp, fresh grey
also availavle in fresh navy
style#: 257778
price: $39.50

Nautical Stripe T-Shirt

I think we are all noticing the abundance of stripes at the mall. I especially loved the unique colors and bold stripes of this top. I even love the other color option, gold. As for the fit...amholes are perfect. Neckline is cute. The downfall is the bulkiness of this item. :(

Cotton Metallic Tiered Jacket

I really do not know my true feelings for this jacket. When I saw it on the rack, I thought the color was beautiful, and loved the is something different. Not sure I like it on me. Plus, I was shocked when I saw the price tag. I would have guessed $60 or less, not $98!! So, I will be waiting for a sale. Any thoughts on the look?

Deep Cowl Neck Shell

The color is great, but I do not like how the cowl neck on this fell. Doubt that this will be a future purchase.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Ski Petite! I think the jacket looks good on you! I like it better open than zipped though... and I agree that $98 is really high for something that's more casual.

    What a bummer about that cowl! I was eyeing it the other day and wondering if it would look okay.

  2. great review! i love the stripes of the nautical top, but the elastic at the bottom is a dealbreaker for me unfortunately. and i really like the jacket on you and Ski Petite! the slim sleeves are what really draw my eye to this jacket as well as the ruffles in the back. i agree that i'll have to wait for this one to go on sale to consider it again though.

    great review!

    cute and little

  3. The SA was wearing the first stripe top in the gold color and I actually quite liked it on her... would probably be boxy on me though. I loved the color of the jacket too but it just wasn't me either. And boy, that last op looks totally different on you! Definitely agree that the cowl neck isn't falling right at all. I'm sure you can find better fitting LOFT tops :)

  4. My favourite item would be the striped tee! I can't get enough of stripes. <3

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. Stripes are all over the place lately, it's one step away from being overkill. LOL. I actually like the striped top on's relaxed and simple. =)

  6. I loved that first top too, but the boxiness turned me off as well. I wish they made it in a slimmer cut, without a banded hem!

  7. Michelle - my favorite on you is the first item. It's bulky, but I see these larger striped tops tucked into skirts or trousers with teeny waists. I just picked one up from F21 that's similar in shape to the LOFT one you're trying on except there is no bunched bottom - that is an odd part of the LOFT top. I might get the LOFT one when it goes on super sale : )

  8. Out of all 3, if I HAD to choose, it would be the first top but I think there are way better tops on you!!! Not that you don't look great in anything you try on but they all do NOT do your figure justice:)

  9. Am I the only person that thinks this wrinkle ruffle jacket is fugs? Like how does that even make sense? wrinkles? ruffles? looks like it's cropped too. Thank god we're petites, b/c I really can't see how this would look good on a regular person w/bigger proportions.

  10. I tried on that first striped top also...its such a shame about the hem, otherwise I would have bought it! I thought the hem definitley made it unflattering...a shame, because of really loved the colors of the gray/yellow one...I actually just saw another blogger style it and look great though! I also tried on the orange ruffle jacket and thought it was unflattering on me...I think this version looks better on you than it did on me, but I'm just not sure about the wrinkles in it...

  11. The nautical striped shirt is so you Michelle! :)

    I like the concept of the ruffle jacket even though in reality it's sort of too much going on all at once. I thin it only looks ok on you which is a rarity because you pull everything off. I think I'd stay away from it even if it's on sale.

  12. I like the tiered jacket unzipped. The ruffles look a bit much when zipped. (This is when an analogy would be perfect right about now, but my mind's blank).

    Agree on the cowl shell. If the draping fell a bit higher, I might have said yes.

  13. I can't say that I'm crazy about any of these pieces.......not sure why. I've seen those oversized striped tops everywhere lately. I'll probably get on the bandwagon just about the time it goes out of style (hee)

  14. @Kristen Exactly! What is with the elastic hem?!

    @AubreyOhDang! Uh...when are you going to start a blog?! I would love to read your posts! You always have the best comments! :p

  15. that tiered jacket looks so cute! i would want one for myself but i think i will wait til it goes on sale as well. HAHA. $98 it's a tad bit too much for me right now.. still kinda saving up for my vacation and from the spending i did over the christmas holidays =/ lol!


  16. I actually really like the striped top on you! I know it's a bit poofier than we petites typically go for but it gives it a nice, casual look for pairing with skinny bottoms of some sort. Plus, it would look uber-cute with a dramatic necklace!

    As for the tiered jacket, it seems a tad too puffy - that's probably a weird critique considering I was OK with the poofiness of the striped top, but it looks like it should fit slimmer whereas the top looks it should be poofy.

    Also really like the cowl neck on you but I'm biased bc I bought 2 different colors of that top :)

  17. of all the items you tried, I like the striped top the most! I love billowy tops like that with a slim pencil skirt. I think the elastic is meant for like a pseudo-tuck-in effect without having to tuck in the actual garment in the pant/skirt, that's just my guess, since that how I wear banded-bottom shirts. when it goes on sale further, I definitely think you should dry the gold color one. It looks fab on Rosa from

  18. I really like the jacket, it's neutral and would go with everything but also is really cute with the ruffles. I don't think its worth $98 though so I would definitely wait for a sale! I was at LOFT a few days ago but didn't end up trying this. I did like it though. As for the other two: I didn't love the striped top because of it's bulk. The pattern/colors are cute though. I also am not loving the tank top because like you said, it's a really pretty color but the cowl falls kinda weird. Overall, I say yes to the jacket (but not until it goes on sale or you get a coupon) and no to the rest.
    xo Liza


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