Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aerie: Belle Fleur Poplin Skirt & Surplus Pocket Tank

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aeire belle fleur poplin skirt
spring clover, size xxs
also available in soft cornflower
style#: 0703-4522
price: $34.50

aeire surplus cotton tank
chalk, size xxs
also available in light bark, sunset grey, navy mood, vintage melon
style#: 4495-4574
price: $19.50

ae freshwater pearl necklace
style#: 0482-1234
price: $15.50 $11.95

Meet the newest member of our family, Harmony. :) That is her foster name...still considering creating our own. I just call her "Lil' Lil'" right distinguish her from "Little Girl" and "Littlest Girl". :) We adopted her through a local organization that fosters cats and kittens. When she was just weeks old, her and her siblings were found in a box in front of a Wal-Mart!! Poor thing! We can tell she was raised well by her foster family, as she is very affectionate! She loves rubbing her head and body all over, while purring non-stop! She still has not been officially welcomed by the other cats, but the hissing has stopped...not that it was ever terrible! Now they just touch noses, and walk away. Lol!

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The Skirt

This skirt was the highly anticipated item of the order. I think I built it up too much in my head, because I am disappointed with the poofiness. I do love the pattern...darling! The stretchy waist is another plus. I wish so bad that I could wear it as a high-waist skirt, but that would be way too short! Not sure if this will be a keeper...leaning on yes now that I see it in photos. I am making the returns this weekend, so I have until then to figure it out. Thoughts?

Additional Item Details:
13" from top to bottom in back
11" band at waist
100% cotton

The Tank

I am surprised how well this top fit!! I love the jersey knit feel...I keep touching it! :p It has subtle "raw-edges" (as described by aerie). The pocket is fake, but pretty darn cute. This will go great tucked in to flowy skirts, or even untucked with jeans. This would work best layered over another tank...on the sheer side. The downside is that layering is not the best in one hundred degree Vegas weather.

Additional Item Details:
18.75" from center top to bottom in front
19.25" from center top to bottom in back
15.25" from arm holes to bottom at sides
80% viscose rayon / 20% cotton

The Necklace

I was able to pick this up for 70% off the sale price, so I figured at $5.02 each, why not get two? They are adjustable, so it works out perfectly!

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  1. I think its a keeper. I love it and "lil lil" is super cute:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. i think the skirt is def a keeper!! the pattern is super cute.. and it looks really good on you.. and honestly it doesn't look poofy in the pictures at all :)

  3. I love this outfit though. I think it's a keeper. Instead of wearing heels, you might try this outfit with a pair of white the skirt doesn't look so short..."lil lil" is adorable. This outfit is perfect for Spring.

  4. The pretty li'l skirt + that awesome great buy necklace is a winner!



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  5. You've had a lot of luck at AE/aerie lately eh? Pets always love photo time! Maybe your cat and Callandra's cat and Kelly's pup can be friends : )

  6. Thanks for the input, ladies!

    @PetiteLittleGirl Good suggestion!

    @PetiteAsianGirl Lol! That would be cute!

  7. that floral skirt with the cute pockets is so wonderful!

  8. i like your floral skirt! it's pretty!


  9. I think the skirt is a keeper because I love poofier skirts but if that's not your thing then maybe return?

    And your new kitty is adorable (and seems very affectionate!) about little girl, littlest girl, and baby girl? :)

  10. Sometimes I think they make things larger for models to wear. Case and point the model wearing the same skirt has it high waisted and at the same length as you! Hrm, a little fishy! I love the bright print and like Elle mentioned she likes poofy, I like poofy too!
    That is so sweet you rescued Lil Lil! One of my close friends rescued a cat that was thrown out of a moving car. He has a tragic beginning but he is the sweetest cat ever!

  11. show off those legs michelle! you look great. i started looking at the AE website because of you. i saw they have bathing suits in xxs...i wonder about this fit. any idea?

  12. Such cute outfits and I love your cat! :-)
    XXXX Emily from EL Vintage

  13. I do love a good flouncy skirt, but we must keep in mind that we don't want to look too "young" while wearing them. I say keep if you don't have any other skirt like so, but return if you already own a lot (like I did back in HS b/c I used to shop A&F religiously). but I do sympathize w/you that living in vegas, I'd want to wear all things breezy too.

    If you want to keep the shirt, it's ok that it's sheer, just wear a nude bra next time & ur good to go! or another option is nipple covers. (hahaha i joke!)

  14. Wow Michelle your legs are so long! I really like this skirt on you, you totally should model for AE :)

    Cute kitty! Lucky to have a great family like yours.

  15. i love the skirt and it's definitely a keeper. it's a little on the short side but would be great for the weekends!

    and Lil Lil is so cute! i actually foster kittens too and i had a group of kittens that were also just abandoned in a box in the parking lot of Walmart! how awful right?

    cute and little

  16. That skirt is super adorable...I would definitley keep it :) You new family addition is adorable...although I hate hearing heartbreaking stories like that about animals left in front of stores! That happened to me once when I worked retail!

  17. Thanks again for the input, ladies! :)

    @Elle Aww! Baby is cute! It still has to pass the husband test. He did not approve of "Luna" for our black cat. :( I actually do not mind her Harmony...better than our last cats name given by previous owners..."Cheese". Lol!

    @Banhannas Wow! That is so sad! We got our boy cat when he was a one year old. He came to us after being hit by a truck, which required jaw surgery. He sounds like the cat you sweet! Not timid at all...I am shocked at how well adjusted all of our cats were when we got them, since all but one came to us between 6-12 mos. of age!

    @Ping Lol! I do prefer my bottoms short! :) I have not tried their bathing suits yet! I should have...darn it! It would have been 40% off! I can only assume that xxs would be the way to go.

    @AubreyOhDang! Lol!

    @curls-and-pearls That would be great for these companies to consider using both petite and tall models for their items! Would be so helpful!!

    @kileen That is so great to foster kittens! I can totally see my husband and I doing that! People are so awful to leave cats in a box!

    @Tara I know! It makes me feel so bad that I do not have room for all the homeless cats!

  18. my philosophy is, if you're on the fence about something, return it. it does look super cute on you!

  19. I do like how AE/Aerie's cotton items are always SO soft. That's one reason why I keep going back to their store.

    I'm not sure about the skirt's poofiness + length. If it was longer, I think the poofiness would be ok, or shorter and less poofy.

  20. Awww, poor little Lil, Lil. I'm so glad she's got such a good home now! I had to show my husband the pictue of Lil, Lil hugging your shoulder. Eckles does the same thing and it's the sweetest feeling! The skirts a bit short for me, but it looks good on you for sure. The tank is a great fit and length both, but it looks a tad thin.

  21. The skirt is so cute & springy! The tank top looks a bit see-through so you might need to double up or wear a bandeau under!

    As always, your kitties are sooo adorable<3

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  22. Aww, your new family addition is too adorable! Can I tell you how much I love that skirt?!? The print, the flounce, AND the fact is has pockets - oh to die for! I vote KEEP!

  23. I don't think I have ever bought anything but a sweatshirt at AE but I like the skirt a lot. It's super girly and cute:)

  24. Just wondering, where are your sandals from? They're super cute!

  25. Thanks, ladies! :)

    @Anonymous Hi! The sandals are from Guess?, but are at least two years old. In the past, my flip-flops got the most love. My goal is to give heeled sandals more attention this season! :)

  26. Hello... You have really cute clothes!


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