Saturday, February 19, 2011

AE Slouchy Scarf T & Nine West Bayles Booties...Again!

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ae slouchy scarf t
chalk, size xxs
also available in sherbet red, ebony grey, indigo day
style#: 2371-9725
price: $29.50

ae multicolor chain
style#: 0482-1428
price: $19.50 $9.95

Nine West Vintage America Collection:
beige suede, size 7M
also available in black, dark green, and dark taupe suede
style#: 189787
price: $129 $34.99

Since my last post, Lil' Lil'/Harmony has been officially welcomed by the other cats. It actually started about an hour after my last post. Little Girl started dashing around the loft, making playful circles around Lil' Lil'. Soon after, they were chasing each other around the entire upstairs. The next morning they were doing the same thing! We have also discovered that Lil' Lil' loves watching golf on television!

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The Top

After discounts, this top came out to be $17.70. This is a keeper! I have very few white or cream colored casual tops, and even less slouchy ones. The ribbon can be tied looser, creating an off-the-shoulder look, but I prefer it as pictured above. The arm holes are surprisingly perfect. Notice in the last image that there is an extra piece of fabric sewn into the slit, so that an undergarment is not necessary (I am only wearing a bra). Another plus about the armholes, is that they do not touch my armpits, which means no discoloration over time!!

Additional Item Details:
~22.5" from top of shoulder to bottom of waist band
~15.5" band at waist
60% cotton / 40% modal

Nine West Booties

I am still holding on to my Nine West shoe order from an earlier post. I cannot seem to part with the open-toe booties. I really like them with these jeans (old pair of Taverniti's), as opposed to bare-legged. I will try the caged heels again around the house tonight, but if I still feel discomfort, those will be going back.

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  1. those jeans seriously look amazing on you!!

  2. The back detailing is really pretty. Great score at a great price!

  3. i like the top but i'm actually more in love with your jeans! what brand are they? they fit you perfectly!

    cute and little

  4. @lisa Thanks! :)

    @kileen They are Taverniti's, size 24. I think they are about two or more years old. I found them on the sale rack at Neiman Marcus. Originally more than $300, but I think I paid less than $150, and got them hemmed for free...somehow, even though they were on sale!

  5. Those jeans are a so great...did you have to hem the length at all? They make ur legs look so long!

  6. @Really Petite I did need them hemmed. These were purchased years ago before I wore heels, so they can only be worn with shorter heels.

  7. Michelle you look so pretty in that picture with Lil, Lil!....So glad to hear the other girls are coming around. If you're loving the booties I'd keep them. I always wind up wearing the heck out of pieces I love whether I can justify them or not ;) I'm not loving the top, but I'm not a banded bottom fan so that may have biased my judgement a tad.

  8. Definitely a shirt to show off the backside :) It has a breezy look to it, that I'll bet is perfect for your hot weather in Nevada. Great advice, haha on the arm hole length and stains, especially on a white top!

  9. I like this slouchy casual look - it can be hard for petites to pull off but I think you look great! The detailing on the back makes it different too and you can't beat the price!

  10. michelle-- your hair is really cute esp with the bangs pinned back. i wished i had naturally wavy hair sometimes.

    i love the white slouchy top, its really cute with the colorful ties in the back. i agree with everyone that those jeans look great.

  11. @Callandra Aw! Thanks Callandra!

    @olyvia Lol! The armpit stains is why I have so few white/cream shirts! Such a pain!

    @Ping Thanks!! :)

  12. This top is so unique and pretty! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it, its a definite keeper! I think the booties look fantastic with the jeans!

  13. I love the bright ties in the back, really unique. The shirt looks like it will do great with your skirts once the weather warms up a bit more!
    I spy that chain necklace! I definitely need to check it out, I'm really loving the patina and colors on it.

  14. Cute top... looks really comfortable too! Everything looks so good on you Michelle :)


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