Monday, January 3, 2011

Free People: Fall Remembrance Coat & Abstract Print Dress

I survived the cold in Washington state! I managed to pack only a carry-on suitcase for a Tuesday through Sunday stay...very proud of myself. :) I packed light, knowing that I would be making a specal stop at the downtown Free People store, conveniently located only two blocks from me! Ping of All About Fashion Stuff turned me on to Free People. Ping, you have created a monster...I am in love wth the store! I spent the majority of my Christmas money there! Lol! There might be one opening in Vegas in the fall of 2011, but I want one now!! :p

Here I am walking to dinner in downtown Seattle. I was so excited to be wearing the fall remembrance coat! I also bought a hat and convertable gloves at Free People to keep me warm. I would have frozen without them!

Free People Fitting Room

fall remembrance coat, size o
shown in black
style#: 19339373
price: $198.00 $89.95

abstract print dress, size xs
style#: 19563212
price: $98.00 $19.95!

How I Wore My New Items

Almost to our dinner destination, Metropolitan Grill. I managed to keep warm thanks to my new items. I must say, I am slightly with navy and brown boots. That combo would not happen in Vegas with a closet full of options, but I needed to be warm.

Yes, I wore this outfit twice, but this time with long johns under my tights, since we made a location change to 10 below weather. This was over the weekend when we went up to the mountains for a two-night stay. Next time, I need snow boots! I practically ice skated from the car to the restaurant, holding on to my husband's arm!

Other Items Worn

romeo & juliet couture shawl cardigan vest, small
shown in heat beige
style#: RJ20765

free people tights, size s-m in navy
style#: 18993535
price: $28.00 $19.95

frye boots, carson pull-on
size 7 in smoke
style#: 77686

free people skinny braided belt, black (I think it looks dark brown)
style# 20049615
price: $38.00

free people necklace
style# 18986109
price: $46.00 $19.95

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  1. I can't believe you found it in 0! I had to settle for a size 6 because it was sold out online. :( any chance there are still some left? I am desperate for one, I love it!

    It looks incredible on you though. :) And I love your second outfit too!

  2. this coat looks great on you and what a great find!! and i love the beautiful pattern of the dress. so glad you were able to stay warm out there!!

  3. @Elle I do not remember if there were additional o's in the coat. I just remember there being a lot of small sizes available in the store for all items, even sale!

    @kileen Thanks! I am surprised that I was not bothered by the cold!

  4. Free People is awesome and so recognizable! I love the dress and jacket on you and you look so boho-chic! =)

  5. michelle!!! i love love love the coat on you. heehee...sorry for the bad influence. i'm glad you were able to find the 0 because it's sold out online. i'm so excited you love free people. your whole outfit is so cute and boho-chic! the hat is also so adorable with your blonde wavy hair.

  6. You look adorable in your pictures with the coat...I love the purple accents with the hat and gloves....and the shape of that hat looks great on you! So glad you survived the cold :)

  7. Love everything you bought with your Christmas money. lol. You look great in winter gears which I haven't got a chance to since you live in warm weather. Love that hat on you!!!

  8. The coat looks great on you, Michelle! I love the print of that dress..and the shawl you won from Elle really suits you. : ) Also - I've probably mentioned this before..but I love your hair! :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. I like the coat on you! I have yet to venture out to FP but have always wanted to. The prices scare me a bit but if you can find a good deal- their stuff is super adorable!

  10. Thanks to all!

    @Ping You ARE bad! :p This just means more trips to Seattle, which my husband will enjoy since I am usually reluctant about going.

    @Tara Thanks! I am so surprised about the hat. I needed a quick fix for the cold, and am glad that it worked out!

    @Vicky Thanks! For the first time I am thoroughly enjoying the cold now that I have the proper gear! :)

    @The Little Dust Princess That shawl got worn almost every day! Lol! And, thanks! I am glad my hair behaved for the trip!

    @Really Petite Thanks! True, the full prices are scary, but I was thrilled with the sale prices...I am still giddy over that coat. :p

  11. You look so cute in cold weather gear! I love the coat, beanie, boots, everything :) Does this make you want to move somewhere colder?

  12. @Cee Thanks, Cee! Lol! Not sure about living somewhere colder, but I can definitely handle a week or less trip! :)

  13. Ohhh love the coat and dress - especially together! Fabulous picks!

  14. Hey Michelle, did you know you can import your old posts (from previous blog) to this one? Just letting you know!

    Oh and in case you didn't know, your word verification is on : )

    Reply to your comment in my post:
    I was worried about them changing my speech too, but that actually never happened! Eating habits for sure though. You can't bite into hard things (apples, popcorn, etc.) and no gum allowed. It's not THAT bad though! You get used to it and can cheat once in a while with hard foods :P

    I think someone sang "A Whole New World" when I was there too!

  15. @SewPetiteGal Thanks! :)

    @The Little Dust Princess Thanks for reminding me. I am not sure if I want to import the old ones because I used strictly html, but on the new site I am using css...I do not want it to look too mis-matchy...but maybe I need to get over that. Perhaps I will fiddle around with it one of these days.

    Thanks for letting me know about the word verification...did not mean for that! And for some reason, your comment was in my spam folder. :/

  16. I've wanted to go to a Free People store for as long as I can remember! You look SMASHING in those outfits by the way. And by the way, we ALL (no exceptions here) wear an outfit twice in a row, and honestly the outfit you were sporting is so awesome that you could wear it for seven days straight!

  17. @Lula Aw! Thank you! :) After seeing your website, Free People seems like a great match for you! You would look great in their clothes!

  18. I'm a little late, but I do love your new finds!! You look so lovely in everything, I do wish I was a tad bigger and taller so I can wear all those things too lol. I haven't tried Free People yet... other than ordering online from their website I'm not sure where to find their stuff to try on (plus I'm afraid I'll like them too much and develop an addiction like Ping lol).

  19. I love your new coat it looks so nice and flattering! i wanna have one too!
    and i think that you matched very nicely the colors of your outfit, black,floral,purple,brown and blue weirdly matched perfectly on you! i also love your second outfit it looks so cozy and girly! you are very stylish!


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