Thursday, January 27, 2011

Banana Republic: Silk Beaded Chain Tank & Denim Exposed Zipper Legging

Over the weekend, both Jean and Vicky posted about the Banana Republic sale. Several big markdowns, plus 30% off the entire purchase. I thought I would browse and see if I could find anything non-work related, and settled on two items.

Featured Items

silk beaded chain tank
style#: 791072
price: $79.50 $17.49

denim exposed zipper legging
style#: 255874
price: $89.50 $21.00

The Silk Top

This top was such a steal for less than $20 after discount! My only gripe is that it is difficult to get on and off. There is no side zipper, so this must be pulled over my head. I already managed to get deodorant on it! If you are interested, xxsp is still left! Chloe advises to try codes BRJAN20, BRJAN25, BRJAN30. Each number stands for the percentage off. Liane suggests clearing the cookies on your broswer to try to get the 30% code to work. The deal runs until Feb. 2.

The Leggings

Ouch!! With every step, the metal side closure was digging into my hip bone. The closure is in an awkward position, making the zipper difficult to zip. There are no pockets in front, but stitching running down crotch. It felt too tight and looked awkward. The back was nothing amazing, although I did appreciate the pockets. Not shown in the photos is an extra stitch down the front of each leg. As much as I wanted to love these, these have to go back. Perhaps if there is a op available in store I will try it on. I should have just ordered both sizes to begin with.

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  1. looks like you were able to score some BR finds too! the tank fits you really well and i can see this as being great on its own or layered under cardigans.

    and too bad about the pants. the zipper placement on the hip bone does seem unfortunate.

    cute and little
    come enter my giveaway!

  2. @kileen I meant to buy non-work clothes...but I can see this as a dinner with family or a work shirt under a cardigan like you mentioned.

  3. Yay another BR post! I love the top and the leggings (but wow they are tiny!), BR must have made their petite sizes littler!

  4. That tank is adorable, and what a steal! And interesting about the zipper placement of the leggings...painful is not a good thing when you are trying to walk!!

  5. the silk top is adorable! i love the zipper print on the front. too bad its so hard to take on and off. so many sales going on these days.

  6. i actually like the color and the special waist band of the pants. Too bad it doesn't fit very well. Hope you could fine 0p fit perfectly.

  7. I love that top- its so cute! And that is a major bummer about the zipper on the jeans because I like the color!

  8. The blouse looks so great!...I hope you find those pants in op (good luck ;)

  9. Who would have thought that you can't fit in a BR 00P leggings! At least you got one item that fits. That's a 50% success. I can't wait for all my stuff to come. I ended up ordering more after reading Jean's post and her comments.

  10. Gorgeous top - it looks so good on you! Are there any special instructions on how to launder it? And thank you for the tip on the BR codes!

  11. Thanks ladies!

    @Vicky I know! I am kicking myself for not ordering both oop and op! Grr!!

    @SewPetiteGal Hand wash or dry clean! Yay!!

  12. Yay we are twins, I bought the same top. It's actually similar to an old top I have from BR but with pearl chain instead :)

  13. That top totally reminds me of one that Jean reviewed a loong time ago, but with pearls instead of a chain print (am I showing my petite blogger age? :P). In any case, it looks like it fits well on you and a pretty good price too!

  14. Hi Michelle! I love your blog and it was one of the ones that made me want to start my own. I just started a blog on Monday and linked to you today :)


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