Thursday, January 6, 2011

American Eagle Puffer Coat

You may remember I made a previous post about my Black Friday purchases from the American Eagle website. My intention was to outfit myself for my Seattle trip over the winter break. Out of all the items, I only kept the coat, waffle crew, and vest. Actually, I brought the vest, but never wore it, because I was obsessed with what I call, "Elle's shawl." :)

Prior to my new love, the fall remembrance coat from Free People, this ae puffer jacket helped me survive my first two days in Seattle. I do not have any major gripes about the jacket. I would prefer for the label to be absent, but oh well. The fit of the jacket is slightly shorter than expected, but no biggie. What I absolutely love is how warm it kept me. I was able to survive my first two days in Seattle without gloves or a hat because this jacket has a hood, and extendable thumb holes. Surpisingly, does not mention the addition of the thumb holes. I doubt that is the appropriate name, but hopefully if you are unclear as to what I am saying, the close up pic (see below) will make it apparent.

Closer View

ae puffer coat, size xxs in navy
also available in chalk, olive, lavender, black
style#: 0386-1212
current price: $119.50 $79.95

ae cozy waffle crew, size xxs in oatmeal grey
also available in lavender whisper, pink drama, black, wineberry, pattern blue
style#: 0348-6179
current price: $34.50 $24.95

romeo & juliet couture shawl cardigan vest, small
shown in heat beige
style#: RJ20765

LOFT inky blue wash denim leggings, op
style#: 247737

frye boots, carson pull-on
size 7 in smoke
style#: 77686

judith jack round pendant convertible necklace

In the Mountains

Again, here is a repeat outfit. The first time I wore it, it was only for a half-day, because I immediately changed into my Free People purchases. :p This shot was taken on the morning before our flight home. Ths made for a cozy airplane outfit. :)

free people skinny braided belt, black (I think it looks dark brown)
style# 20049615
price: $38.00


I have already exceeded my bandwidth on the photobucket account I use for this site. My pics from the previous posts will not be visible until the 12th! :/ I tried using the blogger upload feature, but the pic quality is awful (see below). Any suggestions of a good photo upload service? Or do I need to do something different with the blogger upload?! Or should I just pay for the photobucket services?

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  1. That puffer coat looks really warm and cozy! I love how you added the belt around that shawl! I've been using flickr recently for my pictures. I'm sure once I exceed my bandwith, I'll go to photobucket. I'd rather use multiple sites than have to pay :) And you're right, the blogger upload sucks...I don't know why it took me so long to change over!

  2. @Tara Thanks for the suggestion! I feel so sad seeing all the "You have exceeded your bandwidth" images on my site! It makes me feel like I am in trouble...I feel embarassed by them! Lol!!

  3. Those are beautiful pictures from Seattle. I only went there once but if I have a choice to choose where I live, that would be Seattle. The jacket looks pretty warm and cozy. Blogger photos are aweful. I know some of the bloggers have switched to Flickr. I think I am going to try this weekend when I can find some free moments.

  4. seattle looks lovely and the puffer jacket fits you perfectly! i know some people use Flickr for their pictures. i'm using blogger and haven't experienced any problems, but my pictures are pretty high resolution, so that might be why...

  5. You look gorgeous and Seattle looks surprisingly nice. Glad the shawl is working out for you so well. :)

    I am no help in the photo upload service department...but I am eager to read the responses!

  6. I love the thumb holes - that's so awesome! I'm also a big fan of the airplane outfit - it looks both comfy and chic!

  7. I also use Flickr...blogger kills the quality of photos...i did a compare once and it was so obvious! I don't know what photobucket is like, but Flickr is free and you can private your pics.

    I like seeing the shawl from Elle getting so much wear in your winter wardrobe!

    And very interesting they didnt mention the thumb holes online. That would definitely be a feature that would surprise me once it arrives in the mail. Thanks for the review as usual.

  8. Oh the coat looks great on u! The shawl is so versatile!

  9. That shawl is lovely - I really like how you belted it!

    And I typically shy away from puffer coats (I'm afraid they'll make me look larger than I really am), but you look adorable (& warm!) in yours. I may have to reconsider them now.

  10. So it's true! American Eagle did showcase a great collection this winter! Love that jacket on you!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  11. I've been using all along and never had a problem... it's free and you can upload batches of photos at once which is a time saver, and you don't even need to sign up for an account or anything. I tried Flickr for the last post and I guess I like that they save your pictures, but if I exceed my monthly limit I'll likely use imageshack again.

  12. michelle -- in regards to your question about eye cream and if you're skin is more on the dry side, i'd recommend this one instead:

    the hydrating eye cream is good too, but more for normal skin and for day time use.

  13. @Ping Thanks for the recommendation! I notice there are some nice gifts with purchases currently offered. Something to think about!

  14. I like your blog, its very nice... why don't we follow each other? Thanks, kisses.

  15. i really like your vest,your top and your boots such a nice outfit and your jacket seems comfortable and that it does keep you warm!


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