Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aerie F.I.T. and PUMA Street Kosmos

My husband and I have a gym membership that gets no love, so we thought we should make a date twice a week to start going (has not happened yet, lol!). In the past, I have gone in loose fitting shorts with a white tank...and a sports bra underneath, of course. I thought I would give the tight fitting pants a try, since some of those machines require motions that could give people a peek if I were to wear my old choice of bottoms. I noticed that aerie offered some nice gym clothes, so I ordered the medium impact sports bra, cropped workout pants, and racerback tank.

I also want to show you my new PUMA shoes. I was fortunate to be in a PUMA store during a 40% off sale. It would be premature for me to comment thoroughly, since I have not given them an official test run, but I have a good feeling about these...they feel so lightweight!

So here it is...

As for the sports bra, I would have probably been okay ordering an xs. A great feature is the adjustable strap on the back, much like a regular bra. There are three settings, I have mine on the loosest. Also, the bra has removable padding, which prevents nipples from showing. The padding is just the right amount, I did not even realize they were there until after I took it off and inspected it further.

The xxs bottoms fit well, although after viewing the pics, I do notice a slight muffin top edit :) bulge going on...just the slighest...nothing awful! By the way, did you know "muffin top" was a Jeopardy! response this week!?!?! The clue was in regards to the extra skin that hangs over pants. Crazy!

The Top

The bottom of this top flares out so much! The website image is shockingly misleading! I really wanted a more slim fit. Perhaps I am being too is just the gym.

aerie medium-impact sports bra, size xxs in true black
style#: 0785-2561
current price: $29.50 $19.95

aeire f.i.t. cropped workout pants, size xxs in dark heather grey
style#: 0497-2712
current price: $34.50

aeire f.i.t. racerback tank, size xxs in dark heather grey
style#: 8497-2783
current price: $19.50 $14.95

puma street kosmos nm women's, size 7.5 in black-dark shadow-aquarius
style#: 185008
current price: $65.00

Has anyone else tried aerie items? Any other gym clothing suggestions?


  1. you look so fit already, michelle!! and what muffin top? you're just making the rest of us feel bad... ;)

    and these puma kicks look really good on you! can't wait to hear how you like them!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  2. Muffin top?! What muffin top?! I am normally a muffin top magnet (I have a horrible habit of noticing it on other people/myself & I can't stand it), but I do not see ANY on you. You look fab.

    Thanks for the review on their workout clothes! I have one pair of Aerie pants that I scored on major sale, and I keep meaning to go back for more.

  3. I love the look! You are so cute! :D You look totally fit to me!

  4. @kileen Lol! to both Kileen and Kristen! Just the slightest bit of muffin...nothing crazy! Lol! Was just trying to be accurate about the fit! Haha! And, thanks ladies! :)

    @Rainy Days and Lattes Aw! Thank you! :)

  5. Muffin top?!?!

    You're so brave to post a pic like that!! Now I feel guilty and I feel like I need to go to the gym. Lululemon claims that their smooth elastic waistbands eliminate muffin tops, they're my favourite for gym attire!

  6. @Lor Lol! I looked up the official "muffin top" definition, and according to Wikipedia (sooo official!), it is described as "overhanging flesh (fat) when it spills over the waistline of pants". So...I definitely to not have anything "spilling" over. I guess I have been using the term incorrectly. I have always thought it to mean any extra over-hang...big or little.

    I have heard Lululemon is good! I will have to try them out! Thanks!

  7. Target has some okay work out clothes. I love those shoes, those, way better than bright white sneakers.

  8. Gym dates sound very hot and sweaty *grin*. The husband and I just made a pact yesterday that we would go straight to the gym every Monday and Wednesday together after work/school. I purchased a 2-year gym membership from Costco, and really want to make good use of it. I like to go to Puma, New Balance, and Adidas for my workout clothes. Good luck!

  9. ohh michelle -- girl you have no muffin top!
    i started going to the gym too, just once to twice a week. i need cute gym clothes too. lol! i have to check out that sport bra you're wearing. i like that its slightly padded!

  10. Omg Michelle, you need to stop saying that you have a muffin top! That is seriously nonsense!!! Now looking at this post, I need to go work out again..LOL

  11. I've purchased some Aerie F.I.T. products as fillers before. They're great! I didn't keep them b/c I already have gym clothes. but this particular sports bra is so sexy w/the cutout in the back, but yet, oh-so practical!

    The pants, does it have a fold-over flap or just made like that? I think it's a perfect fit on you. I wonder if they have an internal pocket to keep your ID and whatnot.

    and the shirt, I actually prefer it loose. like a cover-up. You don't want it to be too tight if it's not a easy-dry material.

    Well, little lady, you are looking great for the gym already!

    I've also heard of lululemon. My thoughts: overpriced yoga wear! and they're not even that cute! and gosh, one must be extremely into working out and sweat A LOT to invest in these.

  12. @AubreyOhDang!

    nevermind, I see the pants are just regular cropped pants. no fold-over. cool.

  13. @Mama Marshmallow Thanks! They came in a few other fun colors, but I really needed to stick to something basic! :)

    @Sydney Oh! Addidas! I do like their t-shirts! Good luck to you as well!



    Lol! Oh geez! Blame it on poor word choice! I do not really think I have a muffin top problem! Hardly! I just wanted to make sure you ladies knew that the top of the pants hugged a bit! Lol!!

    @AubreyOhDang! True about not wanting a top that is too tight! And I inspected the internal pocket. I usually just bring a makeup bag with that and my phone.

  14. LOL that muffin top was on jeopardy - i don't see it on you BTW. I'm not a gym type of gal, hence my muffin top :) but you look soooo cute in your gym outfit!

  15. You look so gymtastic!.........but I think you're babies are missing you already ;) I am interested in the material of those pants. Are they slick or more like a cotton feel?

  16. I think puma sneakers are sooo cute...and you definitley got a great deal on them! Oh, and you totally have no muffin top haha! You look amazing!

  17. omg KITTYYYYYYYYYYYYY<33 So sorry this comment is irrelevant to your post, but every time I see a kitty...I'm giddy? LOL I love cats : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  18. @SewPetiteGal Lol! Thanks!

    @Callandra Lol! They are more into my husband than me. He always attracts animals! It is insane!

    The pants are slick!

    @Tara See my above "muffin top" comment. Lol!

    @The Little Dust Princess Haha! I was able to them all in the post! :)

  19. Great outfit!
    I love the flouncy top, it looks so comfy :D

  20. lol on the jeopardy thing, I actually only learned the term muffin top this year too, yah I live in a whole, haha. You look fantastic in the work-out clothes! I would have thought you were a regular work-out junkie. Those Puma's look cool too!

  21. LOL muffin top! Nooo you look so fit! i really like the things you bought they look amazing on your body i especially love the striped tank top i wanna buy one too! i think that it will flatter me,cause the other things you bought sure can't be worn by a oh too curvy girl like me
    lucky you!
    Marianna of
    i am already following you via google friend connect wanna follow me back? plz?

  22. p.s you look so cute at the pics especially the ones with your cute cat!

  23. oh yeah i forgot to say I also watched the episode of Jeopary where muffin top was the answer. I got it too! You must rock at the history categories.


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