Thursday, January 27, 2011

Banana Republic: Silk Beaded Chain Tank & Denim Exposed Zipper Legging

Over the weekend, both Jean and Vicky posted about the Banana Republic sale. Several big markdowns, plus 30% off the entire purchase. I thought I would browse and see if I could find anything non-work related, and settled on two items.

Featured Items

silk beaded chain tank
style#: 791072
price: $79.50 $17.49

denim exposed zipper legging
style#: 255874
price: $89.50 $21.00

The Silk Top

This top was such a steal for less than $20 after discount! My only gripe is that it is difficult to get on and off. There is no side zipper, so this must be pulled over my head. I already managed to get deodorant on it! If you are interested, xxsp is still left! Chloe advises to try codes BRJAN20, BRJAN25, BRJAN30. Each number stands for the percentage off. Liane suggests clearing the cookies on your broswer to try to get the 30% code to work. The deal runs until Feb. 2.

The Leggings

Ouch!! With every step, the metal side closure was digging into my hip bone. The closure is in an awkward position, making the zipper difficult to zip. There are no pockets in front, but stitching running down crotch. It felt too tight and looked awkward. The back was nothing amazing, although I did appreciate the pockets. Not shown in the photos is an extra stitch down the front of each leg. As much as I wanted to love these, these have to go back. Perhaps if there is a op available in store I will try it on. I should have just ordered both sizes to begin with.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #5: Brighten Your Work Wardrobe


"Create a sophisticated work appropriate look that has no more than one dark piece (it can be a skirt, pants, a blazer, sweater etc...) excluding shoes, accessories and hosiery."

Thank you to Cynthia of Shorty Stories for hosting this challenge!

My Outfit

To note, most items pictured (the bangles are the exception) are from LOFT, but no longer available. You can probably find the scalloped tights in select stores. I am wearing a size small, the smallest size offered.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ann Taylor: Wild Leopard Print Silk Skirt & Blurred Bronze Silk Sheath

The 30% off petite item discount lurred me into Ann Taylor today. The deal is 30% off your full-priced purchase of petite items. Use code petite when shopping online, or print your in-store coupon here. The sale is in effect until Sunday (1/22) night.

Featured Items

wild leopard print silk skirt
style#: 257124
price: $98.00

blurred bronze silk sheath
style#: 255874
price: $158

The Skirt

The material and design of this skirt is amazing! The website describes it as 7% spandex, 59% cotton, and 34% silk. It does not seem that it would wrinkle too easily. The fit at the waist was perfect. Silly me did not bring any tops into the fitting room to try with this! I must warn you ladies, that it is very curve hugging. I would feel uncomfortable wearing this skirt as is to work. A good solution to this is an extra long cardigan. For a great example of ths look, check out the last image of Jean's post here.

The Dress

Oh geez! This dress was super short on me! Definitely not work appropriate. Perhaps this would work better for the shorter petites. An important fyi to mention is that the neckline is sewn shut. Also notice the small fit of the armholes.

Overall, Ann Taylor has beautiful items for the workplace. I was surprised at how small the items fit. I did not leave with anything, though, as I am not currently interested in buying items for work that are not on mega clearance! I am still so spoiled by LOFT! :) I am also trying to focus on finding some cute and casual outfits for dinners out. I think my husband is getting tired of seeing me in the Free People dress that I wore in this post.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aerie F.I.T. and PUMA Street Kosmos

My husband and I have a gym membership that gets no love, so we thought we should make a date twice a week to start going (has not happened yet, lol!). In the past, I have gone in loose fitting shorts with a white tank...and a sports bra underneath, of course. I thought I would give the tight fitting pants a try, since some of those machines require motions that could give people a peek if I were to wear my old choice of bottoms. I noticed that aerie offered some nice gym clothes, so I ordered the medium impact sports bra, cropped workout pants, and racerback tank.

I also want to show you my new PUMA shoes. I was fortunate to be in a PUMA store during a 40% off sale. It would be premature for me to comment thoroughly, since I have not given them an official test run, but I have a good feeling about these...they feel so lightweight!

So here it is...

As for the sports bra, I would have probably been okay ordering an xs. A great feature is the adjustable strap on the back, much like a regular bra. There are three settings, I have mine on the loosest. Also, the bra has removable padding, which prevents nipples from showing. The padding is just the right amount, I did not even realize they were there until after I took it off and inspected it further.

The xxs bottoms fit well, although after viewing the pics, I do notice a slight muffin top edit :) bulge going on...just the slighest...nothing awful! By the way, did you know "muffin top" was a Jeopardy! response this week!?!?! The clue was in regards to the extra skin that hangs over pants. Crazy!

The Top

The bottom of this top flares out so much! The website image is shockingly misleading! I really wanted a more slim fit. Perhaps I am being too is just the gym.

aerie medium-impact sports bra, size xxs in true black
style#: 0785-2561
current price: $29.50 $19.95

aeire f.i.t. cropped workout pants, size xxs in dark heather grey
style#: 0497-2712
current price: $34.50

aeire f.i.t. racerback tank, size xxs in dark heather grey
style#: 8497-2783
current price: $19.50 $14.95

puma street kosmos nm women's, size 7.5 in black-dark shadow-aquarius
style#: 185008
current price: $65.00

Has anyone else tried aerie items? Any other gym clothing suggestions?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

American Eagle Puffer Coat

You may remember I made a previous post about my Black Friday purchases from the American Eagle website. My intention was to outfit myself for my Seattle trip over the winter break. Out of all the items, I only kept the coat, waffle crew, and vest. Actually, I brought the vest, but never wore it, because I was obsessed with what I call, "Elle's shawl." :)

Prior to my new love, the fall remembrance coat from Free People, this ae puffer jacket helped me survive my first two days in Seattle. I do not have any major gripes about the jacket. I would prefer for the label to be absent, but oh well. The fit of the jacket is slightly shorter than expected, but no biggie. What I absolutely love is how warm it kept me. I was able to survive my first two days in Seattle without gloves or a hat because this jacket has a hood, and extendable thumb holes. Surpisingly, does not mention the addition of the thumb holes. I doubt that is the appropriate name, but hopefully if you are unclear as to what I am saying, the close up pic (see below) will make it apparent.

Closer View

ae puffer coat, size xxs in navy
also available in chalk, olive, lavender, black
style#: 0386-1212
current price: $119.50 $79.95

ae cozy waffle crew, size xxs in oatmeal grey
also available in lavender whisper, pink drama, black, wineberry, pattern blue
style#: 0348-6179
current price: $34.50 $24.95

romeo & juliet couture shawl cardigan vest, small
shown in heat beige
style#: RJ20765

LOFT inky blue wash denim leggings, op
style#: 247737

frye boots, carson pull-on
size 7 in smoke
style#: 77686

judith jack round pendant convertible necklace

In the Mountains

Again, here is a repeat outfit. The first time I wore it, it was only for a half-day, because I immediately changed into my Free People purchases. :p This shot was taken on the morning before our flight home. Ths made for a cozy airplane outfit. :)

free people skinny braided belt, black (I think it looks dark brown)
style# 20049615
price: $38.00


I have already exceeded my bandwidth on the photobucket account I use for this site. My pics from the previous posts will not be visible until the 12th! :/ I tried using the blogger upload feature, but the pic quality is awful (see below). Any suggestions of a good photo upload service? Or do I need to do something different with the blogger upload?! Or should I just pay for the photobucket services?

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Free People: Fall Remembrance Coat & Abstract Print Dress

I survived the cold in Washington state! I managed to pack only a carry-on suitcase for a Tuesday through Sunday stay...very proud of myself. :) I packed light, knowing that I would be making a specal stop at the downtown Free People store, conveniently located only two blocks from me! Ping of All About Fashion Stuff turned me on to Free People. Ping, you have created a monster...I am in love wth the store! I spent the majority of my Christmas money there! Lol! There might be one opening in Vegas in the fall of 2011, but I want one now!! :p

Here I am walking to dinner in downtown Seattle. I was so excited to be wearing the fall remembrance coat! I also bought a hat and convertable gloves at Free People to keep me warm. I would have frozen without them!

Free People Fitting Room

fall remembrance coat, size o
shown in black
style#: 19339373
price: $198.00 $89.95

abstract print dress, size xs
style#: 19563212
price: $98.00 $19.95!

How I Wore My New Items

Almost to our dinner destination, Metropolitan Grill. I managed to keep warm thanks to my new items. I must say, I am slightly with navy and brown boots. That combo would not happen in Vegas with a closet full of options, but I needed to be warm.

Yes, I wore this outfit twice, but this time with long johns under my tights, since we made a location change to 10 below weather. This was over the weekend when we went up to the mountains for a two-night stay. Next time, I need snow boots! I practically ice skated from the car to the restaurant, holding on to my husband's arm!

Other Items Worn

romeo & juliet couture shawl cardigan vest, small
shown in heat beige
style#: RJ20765

free people tights, size s-m in navy
style#: 18993535
price: $28.00 $19.95

frye boots, carson pull-on
size 7 in smoke
style#: 77686

free people skinny braided belt, black (I think it looks dark brown)
style# 20049615
price: $38.00

free people necklace
style# 18986109
price: $46.00 $19.95

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