Thursday, December 2, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge #4: Holiday Party

I Failed!

Or as my students would say, "epic fail." Be careful when ordering whole outfits off the internet! I made that mistake. As a result...blah! I will NOT be wearing this outfit outside of the house! I just wanted to show my fail at this challenge. As soon as my husband saw the outfit put together he said, "I knew those shoes wouldn't match." I responded in a high-pitch voice, "Why didn't you tell me?!?!" Him - "Sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes." Although very true...GRR!! :p

The Shoes

These are going back! They are super uncomfortable. The top of the bootie digs into my ankle.

ae brocade dress, size oo.
shown in cream, also available in purple.
style#: 0394-9420
current price: $59.50

mirmow booties, size 7/37
shown in bordeaux, also available in gray and midnight black
current price: $70.00 $49.98

Additional Views

What I Learned From This Challenge

I have realized that I have very few evening bags, shoes, and cover-ups to choose from. So, I am on a mission to look for some pieces to match this dress, or a new one altogether. I want to find something with sequins! This time, I will do my shopping in person! Plus, I am sure I will get some great ideas from the other PFC entries!

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  1. Sorry the shoes didn't work out for you...the dress is super cute though! You shouldn't have trouble finding shoes with sequins this time of year...I would love a pair myself :)

  2. This dress is so cute on you! While the booties might not go with the dress I'm sure they would work with other outfits. I just love the sparkle of this dress - like you I don't have many cover ups - only blazers and cardis - I might have to add to my wardrobe too!

  3. Hahaha oh Michelle. The wine booties may have looked quite nice with this outfit with wine/burgandy colored tights. I'm sorry to hear they are painful because they are pretty cute!

    Love the funny photos with your kitty. Look at those eyes in the first pic!

  4. Ok, uncomfortable shoes aside, I love that dress on you! I think with the right accent pieces you will seriously be belle of the ball in this dress. Can't wait to see what you find when you go shopping (I want sequin thing too so keep me posted!)

  5. I love the dress and the booties separate - each is super cute in their own right. The dress fits your perfectly and is great for the challenge so I wouldn't say that this PFC was a fail :)

  6. You're a teacher? What do you teach? : )

    The dress looks AMAZING on you! What a great purchase. : ) I think the ankle boots are really cute!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. That dress is great for the holidays! Too bad the shoes are uncomfortable! Even though they don't work with the dress, they're still super cute!

  8. I love that dress. The shoes look like the Sharlin I reviewed before. Didn't like them at all. lol on your hubby's comment, and your high-pitched response. :)

  9. So sorry to hear that the shoes don't fit well. They look super-cute! I really like the dress as well (btw, it doesn't look like it's available in purple anymore)

  10. Although the shoes didn't go with the dress, I do love the dress on you. I would return them too if they hurt my feet. The dress probably goes well with some gold strappy shoes?

  11. Okay that stinks about the shoes but I am glad you can return them! I have suffered through so many! I'm with you on the lack of bags/accessories. I didn't even bother trying to make something work :)

    I love, love, love the dress by the way!

  12. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't like the booties! I think they look so adorable on you and although they don't quite match the outfit, I'm sure you could find another great pairing with it! Beautiful dress though :)

  13. I'm sorry the shoes didn't work out because they look cute on you! It's ok because now you have more reasons to go shopping :) I remember seeing your review of this dress when you first purchased it but I'm loving how you styled it this time around. Very fun and festive!

  14. Great outfit! Though the booties didn't work out, I'm sure there are better alternatives elsewhere. By participating in this challenge, I also realized that I don't have many evening style accessories...but I make do with cheap things. =)

  15. hey I actually don't think the color combo is that bad cause it seems almost all colors could work together as long as with the right accessories. Sorry about the pain though. I didn't get chance to reply your last post about the dress. It's such a gorgeous piece. I didn't think about the cream color for a holiday dress before. But I guess it leaves a big stage for color game. :)

  16. This dress is simply gorgeous on you! I can see it looking amazing with a black sequin bolero top and black strappy heels. and unfortunately we've all had to learn from our mistakes... you still did great here!

  17. Thanks everyone! You may be shocked to hear, I will most likely be returning the dress. I found another one from Armani Exchange...will be posting it tomorrow or Saturday. I am very excited for the new dress and the necklace and cardigan I found to go with it!

    And I am a big doof. My husband and I actually went to the mall on a weeknight to return all my online purchases that did not work. I forgot my receipt for the red booties!! So sad! Will have to go back tomorrow or Saturday.

    @The Little Dust Princess I teach 7th grade U.S. History

    @CynthiaC I saw the purple dress in the store is gorgeous!!

    @Mix and Match Very good point about being able to play with different color options!

  18. I am shocked you are returning this dress! It fits you like a glove! But yeah, it does seem hard to find shoes to match. I keep thinking of ways to accessorize that outfit for you, but keep getting stuck as well. Although I do love the necklace with the dress! Haha, your cat makes a great alternative to a handbag there!

  19. michelle-- i am on the same boat as you...i don't have too many holiday items like strappy shoes, bag, etc... i always ends up wearing the samething, lol! the shoes are cute, too bad they are uncomfy!

  20. Oh sorry to hear those booties are uncomfortable. They look cute though. I love the dress. How about wearing it with black tights and silvery/gold shoes? I can't tell for sure but the brocade seem to have abit of silver in it. And I tend to like silver over gold ;)

    Oh btw...i'm thinking to travel to vegas (maybe)...

  21. Oh wow, US history? I honestly think I should have paid more attention during my grade-school days in my US history class. I'm making up for it now b/c I realized I really love US history and love the History channel. Does that count for a f/t working adult's education? haha.

    Dress & necklace is so complimentary together. Booties could work if they weren't uncomfortable. Sometimes I like a daring & unexpected combo; sometimes it doesn't always have to "go together."

  22. I think you look amazing in this dress even tho the shoes didn't work out:)

  23. I think you look quite nice from the ankle up! :P I agree that you can find better shoes for this outfit though. And same as you I don't have very many evening accessories at all... but it's hard to go shopping and spend money on things that will just sit in the closet because I don't have many opportunities to use them.

  24. @olyvia Lol! I have made so many purchases lately, I am trying to only keep what I will get frequent use out of. Exactly about the handbag...I cannot believe I do not have any silver purses. I know what to ask for for Christmas!! :)

    @Claud When are you coming to Vegas! I would love to meet up! Please don't say the end of December...I will be in Seattle. :p

    @AubreyOhDang! Lol! I wish they would make a U.S. History channel. It is being taken over by so many reality shows!

    @Really Petite Aw! Thanks! :)

    @PetiteXXS Yes! I have a few Christmas party dresses sitting in my closet. I did not want to make the mistake again this year of buying the dress that would be worn once.

  25. Regardless of the shoes, I still adore that dress on you! Kitty looks adorable too and sooo fluffy! Does your baby cry to be held while you're taking pictures? I think mine sleep 'till they hear me get out the tripod, then they HAVE to be held "right now"! Lol Your husband's response cracked me up, sounds just like something I'd hear.

  26. The dress is beautiful and very festive! I always like the combination of winter white and burgundy for winter wear. They go very well together, and very classy looking. Congrats on getting the dress :).

  27. The dress is to die for and looks great. The right pair of shoes would make this outfit perfect. That being said, I kind of like the shoes. They have an avant garde/high fashion/runway quality to them. I think if you lived in a major city and hung out with celebrities no one would think the shoes were bad.

    And of course, your kitty is adorable (I have two).

  28. @Callandra Lol! They all just rub! They have to be around us at all times! That is too cute about your cat and the sound of the tripod!! It is like my cat in the kitchen...the boy knows when I am taking out the prosuitto and he will sit on the counter waiting for some!

    @Sydney Too bad my shoes were hurting my ankles! I returned them today, but ended up getting two new pairs from Nine West, so I do not feel so bad anymore. :)

    @littlenashua You guys are making it so difficult to return the dress! I am planning on returning it next weekend. So I guess I have a week to think about it!


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