Sunday, December 19, 2010

LOFT Cowl Neck Sweater: xxsp, xxs, & xs

Last weekend I purchased the cowl neck sweater in store for $21.25. It was on special for $25, plus I received my teacher discount of 15% off. When I got home and tried it on for my husband, he did not like how large it fit me. Determined to get an inexpensive and cozy sweater for Seattle, I purchased two more online in xxsp and xsp. I need some help! Which looks best? Or perhaps I should return all of them?

If anyone is interested in the sweater, or others, the current promotion is 50% off full-priced sweaters, new arrivals excluded. No code needed. This sale runs through tomorrow, Monday, 12/20.

cowl neck sweater
xxsp in desert mauve
xxs & xs in pebble heather
style#: 248344
price: $59.50


Huge bummer...there is a big hole on the collar! :(



Overall, I love how warm and cozy it is. I wish the xxsp sleeves were longer! I was happy with the sleeve length of the xxs and xs. The fabric is not itchy at all! I am unsure about all the openings. Confused about what to wear underneath. The xxsp I wore nothing but my dark bra...silly of me. In the other pics, I wore a cream cami, but you can still see my bra strap...silly again. Perhaps just a light bra will do the trick.

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  1. That sweater is so cute & what a great deal! I would say go with the XXSP. The color is so pretty on you & it fits you much better than the XSP (in my opinion).

  2. The sweater is ok, but I think the XXSP looks better on you. The cowl neck detail is a bit too large and kind of overwhelms your frame. I think there are better options out there. =)

  3. I like the xxsp best on you...and I also like that color better :) Too bad about the hole in it, that sucks!

  4. Hard decision...none of these sizes fit you just right! I feel like I am reading goldilocks (: D) quest for the right cowl neck sweater. The XSP is much too bunchy on you but the XXSP's sleeves are unfortunately short. Have you tried the Gap ones yet? I reviewed it a few posts back and they are just $12 in store now (down from $55) and my local stores had piles and piles of size XS left because it ran so small. The length and sleeve length on the regular XS in the Gap cowl neck sweater should be perfect for you!

  5. Out of these I think XXSP fits you the best and I like the colour better on you too (minus the hole of course!) but I think the sleeves are just too short especially for a sweater.

  6. Hi Michelle, I agree with Jean. I don't like any of the sizes. They don't fit you just right. You might be better off with XXS I think, which I thought you ordered? I just returned mine today because it was so itchy that I thought I'd never reach for it for any occasion. I bought the GAP Cowl neck in xs today and it feels and look soooo much better. Only $11.99 in store now. The color is different from the Loft ones, but I think the fitting would be perfect for you.

  7. @PetiteAsianGirl Lol! Very true about the Goldilocks! I will definitely check out GAP tomorrow! $12 is awesome!

    @Vicky Thank you Vicky so much for pointing that out. You are right...I am shown wearing an xxs, not an xsp like I had listed. Got that changed! Phew! I was wondering why the sleeves were that length! :p

    Thanks for all the input. I do like the fit of the xxsp the best, with the exception of the sleeve length. And of course that hole...although, I am sure the store would be happy to ship me a new one for free. I am leaning towards returning all of them. It is a great deal, but not worth it if it does not fit perfectly.

  8. yeah i think i agree with jean as well. they're such a good dealer, i'd imagine its hard to pass up. the xxs is definitely too loose and the xxsp is a better fit, too bad about the hole!

  9. I don't have anything new to add about the sweaters. Stylepint, PetiteAsianGirl, and Vicky couldn't have said it any better. But I just want to say that your hair looks so pretty today, Michelle :)

  10. I have to ditto the praise for XXSP (too bad about the hole though!) The sweaters look comfortable enough but I don't know what to recommend that you wear underneath other than nude colored cami's. I don't wear sweaters that much so am probably not too helpful.

  11. The XXSP fits you so much better but I still don't like the look of it. I agree with Jean and Vicky, you should try the Gap cowl neck sweater. I have 2 and I love them so much. The cut is much slimmer than the LOFT sweater. You probably will like them better. I blogged about the Gap sweaters here

  12. I really like the mauve colored one, but yeah...the fit just doesn't seem right on all of them. But i really love the hair! It's so wonderfully voluminous!

  13. I like the sizing and fit of the XXSP. This is totally random but I love your curly hair!!! I wish I had curls like that..hehehe

  14. Return all.

    If I had to choose, I'd choose XXS b/c although the arm holes are too big, you can pull it off as those slouchy oversized comfy sweaters.

    Nay to XXSP b/c hole or no hole, you cannot change the awkward short sleeves. That's a deal breaker right there.

    XS is unflattering period. I can't even rationalize it.

    Love the desert mauve color on you.

    If you do get the Gap sweater, can you blog about it?

  15. Thanks again, ladies! I ended up returning all three!

    @Cee Thanks Cee!! :)
    @PetiteLittleGirl I will definitely try the GAP sweater. I am angry at myself...just got back from the mall, and did not make it to GAP! Grr! Will have to try later this week.

    @olyvia Thanks! It was freshly blow-dryed when my husband took the pics! :p

    @Really Petite Thanks! :)

    @AubreyOhDang! I will definitely post about the GAP sweater if I can find it!

  16. I think the XXSP fits best in the body but the shorter sleeve length is a little distracting. I like the color of the XXSP though! I'm not sure why they made the sleeves so snug and the torso so loose? Overall, I think XXS fits best bc of sleeve length and a body that isn't too big. XS is too big - unless you like a more relaxed fit.

    LOL - just saw that you returned all 3! Never mind :)

  17. Of these two sweaters, I prefer the xxsp. Not just for the fit, but for the color on your skin tone as well. I have to say that these sweaters haven't tempted me at all though, I'm not sure why. Your hair looks so pretty!!

  18. I loove those jeans on you and the sweater! You have an amazing figure! I tried looking to see where you got the jeans but can't find it. May I ask where you purchased those jeans? Thank you! :)

  19. @April Thanks April!! :) They are LOFT's current jeggings in size 0p. I did a full review of them here.


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