Saturday, December 11, 2010

LOFT: Cowl Neck Sweater, Striped Cardigans: Sequins and Ikat, & Equestrian Wool Trousers

I am sure you know by now, but just to remind you, LOFT is offering a great deal on the cowl neck sweater. Normally priced at $59.50, it is offered for $25, today only! Use code HOLIDAY to receive free shipping. Unfortunately it was not available in petite sizes in store today, so I picked up an xs. When I got it home and tried it on for my husband he thought it looked too big on me. I will be returning it. I could not pass up a nice cozy sweater for $25, so I just ordered it online in an xxsp in desert mauve and an xxs in pebble heather. I will keep the one I like best.

Another current promotion is the 40% off your entire purchase, excluding new arrivals. Again, use code HOLIDAY to receive that promotion, plus free shipping.

cowl neck sweater
xs in desert mauve
style#: 248344
price: $59.50 $25

More Items

cardigan with ikat spots, xxsp in tropical sand
style#: 254234
price: $69.50

hidden chain tee, xxsp
style#: 252584
store price: $16.99
online price: $24.99

equestrian wool lean trousers, oop in charcoal melange
style#: 252105
price: $69.99

The Infamous Wool Trousers

I had to try these on after seeing them on Annie, Jean, and Kelly. I do like them, but feel my current shoe collection is unprepared for them. I only own one pair of classic pumps, but cannot keep the darn things on my feet, so I never wear them. Of course, booties would look strange with these pants. I also think that my open-toe heels would be too chilly.

striped cardigan w/sequins, xxsp in beach sand heather
style#: 253449
price: $69.50

hidden chain tee, xxsp
style#: 252584
store price: $16.99
online price: $24.99

willow wash modern boot cut jeans, oop
style#: 247107
my price: $59.50 $13.99

The Cardigans and Jeans

Although I do love the style and fit of both cardigans, neither were purchased. I have been making a lot of purchases for myself lately, and felt too guilty about it. :/ The jeans I felt ok buying, since they were on mega sale. For some reason the store only gave me 30% off the sale price, but not 40% off. What is that about?! Oh well, they were super cheap to begin with.

Anyone else pick up LOFT items this weekend?

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  1. I haven't been to LOFT lately, but that's only because they don't have many stores near me.

    The striped cardigan and jeans looks great on you. And as for the wool trousers, they're ok, but I agree that it needs the right shoes to make it work. If the pumps keep falling off, I add heel liners to create a snug fit.

    Love your fitting room finds! =)

  2. Hi Mechelle, you look great in ALL of the stuff you tried on. :) I don't think the sweater looks big on you, at least not in the picture. I ended up buying the dessert mauve in xsp. The xxsp is very short, and I don't like my sleeves too short.

  3. I love the third outfit the most, casual yet elegant, especial with your hair style. Keep it. :)
    I did make some purchase to take advantage of the 40% sale plus $25 saving card. But being sluggish these days, I need to catch up again.

  4. $14 for jeans?! So jealous! That and the sequined cardi looks great paired together. I remembered seeing the cardi in the store but passed on it. Now I might have to go back :)

  5. @Stylepint Oh! Thanks for the suggestion on the heel liners!

    @Vicky Oh! Good point about the sleeves. I am curious what the petite sleeves will be like, since the regular sleeves were perfect length to begin with. I am glad I orderd both regular and petite! I know I will be satisfied with at least one of them!

    @Mix and Match I do love that darn sequined cardigan! You are making me want it even more now! I can't wait to see what you got!

    @Cee Lol! Both LOFT and Banana have great sale prices on their jeans!

  6. I agree that the cowl neck sweater does look a little bit big on you -- it's mostly noticeable in the shoulders. hopefully the ones that you ordered online will work!

    and i really love those jeans on you! they're the perfect fit all around and i'm glad you were able to get a good deal on them!

    as for the equestrian trousers, i agree that they do need a pair of pumps. do try heel liners if your shoes keep slipping. they're a godsend!

  7. Totally awesome deal on the jeans....and I really like those two cardis on you...hopefully they will go on sale soon :) And hope the sweater you ordered is a better fit, I love the color!

  8. i love the cardigans on you too! the animal print one is quite pricey, i'm sure it will go on sale and hopefully soon. the wool pants look really nice on you. loft is made for you!

  9. I got the cowl neck sweater and jeans too! :) I actually think the Equestrian trousers look good on your with TB flats - probably because you're a taller petite gal? I like the striped cardi on you a lot but I would wait for a further sale - $42 is still a bit expensive.

  10. The jeans fit you like a glove! Such a steal too :)

    I went looking for that cowl neck last weekend but my local LOFT didn't carry them. Now that I've seen them on a few petite blogs, I think I might prefer the Gap version (but I'm probably biased since I got it for a great price :P).

  11. I'm crazy for those jeans and what a great deal! I love that sequined cardi outfit, very special!!


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