Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LOFT: Chambray Boyfriend Shirt & Double-Breasted Jacket with Patch Pockets

I stopped by LOFT on Monday to return all three of my cowl neck sweaters. See my post about the fit of the xxsp, xxs, and xs here. While at LOFT, I tried on a few items from their early spring collection. Two of my favorites included the chambray boyfriend shirt and the double-breasted jacket with patch pockets. Coming up in later reviews will be the back zipped striped crew neck sweater and the stripe cardigan.

LOFT is currently offering 40% off your entire order. This does not include the new arrivals featured in this post, but does include non-new arrivals and sale items. UPDATE! The previous mentioned deal is still on, but there is a better deal in stores. Now through December 26, LOFT will take 40% off your entire purchase, including new arrivals. Thanks Vicky for the heads up! :)

In case you are wondering, the mirror was written on for the St. Jude's event going on. It reads:

"How much does it take to help?
1 meal card (1 day).....$30
Even $1 will make a difference!"

May I say, the extra dots on the ellipsis bothers me so much!! Lol!

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chambray boyfriend shirt, xxsp
style#: 254250
price: $44.50

I love how denim creates such a neutral canvas...I can do almost anything with accessories. I love the shirring on the shoulders and back!! Also, the fabric feels amazing!! Important to note, I realized when I got home that the sleeves can roll down all the way to my wrists, but I prefer the cuffed look. My only complaint about this top is the poofiness. It is called "boyfriend" shirt...so it only makes sense. :p

I did purchase this shirt, but still need to try it on for my husband for the final word. Although it is quite poofy, I can see it used as a tuck-in for work. Also, I think it looks cute with skinny jeans for a simple daytime look. Definitely not a date night shirt!

UPDATE I returned the top. The elastic bottom was frequently riding up, exposing about an inch of skin. This would be ok if the top was meant to do that, but I do not think it is intended to look that way. I will consider re-purchasing for less than $15 to use as a tuck in shirt with skirts.

Double-Breasted Jacket with Patch Pockets

double-breasted jacket with patch pockets, xxsp in grey blue stripe
style#: 254475
price: $79.50

diagonal stripe tee, xxsp in desert sand
style#: 254437
price: $39.50

I am a huge fan of this jacket! Look at the buttons on the sleeve!! It is a lot more fitted than it appears online. I prefer the look buttoned, but figured I should include some pics of it un-bottened for yah! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this when it goes on sale!

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  1. I really enjoy your fitting room posts. The chambray shirt looks great except for the elastic bottom since I prefer the classic shirt tail for the "boyfriend" style.

    As for the sweater, it looks a little small, but I think it's the cropped nature of the jacket that makes me think so.

    Lovely finds at LOFT! I can't wait to see the other items. =)

  2. Hi Michelle, you look adorable in both the shirt and the jacket. I especially love the jacket on you. I might have to try it out today. :) Oh, btw, I just got an email from Loft this morning that even the New Arrivals are 40% off today. Yay! LOL on the extra dots on the ellipsis. :D

  3. @Stylepint The elastic bottom is a little different! The bummer is I cannot wear it with jeans on a "spirit day" at school, because the shirt sometimes goes above the waistline. Can definitely work tucked in, or for a casual non-work thing.

    @Vicky Hey Vicky! Thanks for letting me know about that email...got the information changed! :)

  4. Oh why why must you tease me! I have been trying so hard to stay away from LOFT!! LOL

    I love the 2nd jacket on you but may wait until it goes on sale a bit more :)

  5. Michelle-- I love that jacket on you!! I really like the stripes and the color of it. It's very understated chic. I hope you get it when its on sale!

  6. Oh, I love that jacket on you! It fits perfectly. I have been trying away from my favorite stores (LOFT included) until after Christmas, but this post is making it hard.

  7. AAW, I wish the chambray shirt wasn't cinched at the bottom like that. Darn! I agree w/jess. I like the classic shirt tail.

    I also tried on this sweater jacket. it's so small. I love it on you. I dont think the model wears it well. <<haha.

    I wonder if it's worth it w/the 40% off to buy right now.

  8. Thanks for the great reviews...I'm sure now that they've changed it to 40% off the entire store, its going to be hard to resist buying new arrivals :)

  9. Lol! Sorry ladies for making you want to spend more money. :p

    @AubreyOhDang! I will try to resist...but 40% off the jacket sounds nice since I have to make a return! It will be a game time decision for me. :p

  10. I so love the double breasted sweater! I tried it on in the store and loved it (but couldn't shell out the full price). I'm so jealous of your teacher's discount right now!! Lol

  11. i love the boyfriend shirt! the bagginess is perfect for a more casual look, although i think the cinching at the bottom is a little weird. the color is perfect though! and you can't beat 40%!


  12. I love the chambray top on you! I picked it up in store a few days ago and can't wait 'til the weather warms up so I can wear it! I think it's super versatile and super comfy.

  13. I love love love that jacket on you! It fits amazing and I love the stripes so much. Did you get a $25 card in the mail for LOFT? I got one last week (not as a CC reward) and I think you can use it for any purchase - but this isn't a better discount than the 40% off they had earlier.

  14. @SewPetiteGal No!! I did not receive anything! Actually, now that I think about it, I never receive any catalogs or offers in the mail from LOFT! I could have sworn I signed up to receive mail...thanks for the heads up, I will have to provide them with my address again.


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