Monday, December 27, 2010

LOFT: Back Zip Striped Crew Neck Sweater & Stripe Carigan

I recently posted about the new early spring new arrivals from LOFT here. I did end up returning the chambray boyfriend shirt. Perhaps we will meet again for $15 or less. :) Next up for the early spring arrivals are the back zip striped crew neck sweater and the stripe cardigan.

The current LOFT promotion of 50% off runs through January 3. If you are ordering online, new arrivals are excluded from this deal. However, if you are purchasing in store, new arrivals are included in the deal!

back zip striped crew neck sweater
xxsp in praline
style#: 255632
price: $59.50

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I was in love with this sweater on the hanger...soft creamy praline color, thin blue stripes, and a back zipper! Ah! However, the fit is all wrong. Too short, odd fit in the chest, and a weird bulge at my hips.

Stripe Cardigan

stripe cardigan
xxsp in fresh navy, also available in lily orange
style#: 254381
price: $54.50

This cardigan fits well. The sleeve length is ideal. The sleeves are snug, so take this into consideration if you want to use it as a layering piece. It would work best over a camisole, not a long-sleeve tee. It is an okay design, but not sure if I would ever purchase this. It is whispering Beetlejuice (you know, the movie?) to me. Maybe the stripes and dots were too much, or maybe I need to go for the lily orange.

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  1. The first sweater is so cute! I was a little confused by the writing on the mirror. haha I thought it was your watermark.

    Hope you're having a great holiday!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. @The Little Dust Princess Lol!! Yeah, a LOFT sa did that to advertise for the St. Jude charity.

    Thanks! Hope you are enjoying the holidays, as well! :)

  3. My favorite is the first sweater. It looks so cozy. I love the 3/4 sleeve length. LOFT is having so many great deals lately. I usually went straight to the sale section and didn't even look at the new arrivals :)

  4. Yes! I thought I might miss out, but thanks for letting us know LOFT will be having the 50% off until the 3rd. I can't wait to try on their spring arrivals :)

    It's too bad about the fit of the first sweater b/c I really liked the stripes at the top. I wish the second cardi didn't have a combo of horizontal and vertical stripes. I was getting a little dizzy looking at it, haha. As always, thanks for the reviews, Michelle!

  5. I love the first sweater too! I have the ruffle top in a diff color and haven't been able to wear it with anything! You look much better in it than me :)

  6. i could see why you would like the sweater from the hanger. i really like the zipper detail on the back, i'm a sucker for that! too bad it's so weirdly cut. :(

    the cardi is a better fit and it looks really nice on you. hope it goes on sale!

  7. I've seen that second striped sweater in store, and it makes me dizzy! It looked really cute on the website, but in real life...whew!

  8. Definitely haven't seen either items in stores yet but thanks for the reviews, I love that first sweater you tried on and since I am shorter than you and have a shorter torso it might work for me! :)

  9. The first sweater is cute, but does look too short...I'm planning on checking out the orange version of that cardi when I go shopping today if its in store!

  10. I wish the cardigan didn't have horizontal AND vertical stripes. Doesn't work.

  11. Just tried on the same back-zip sweater and thought the same thing about the length and weird fit! I am so glad it's not just me! I thought for sure that I'd packed on a few pounds, but maybe not.

  12. I had no idea the deal was lasting that long! Uh oh, that is dangerous :) Too bad about the sweater because it does look cute except the hip bulge.

  13. @Tara Hopefully the orange works out!

    @Erin Lol! No! It just makes you look bigger than you are! I felt the same way, but realized it was just the sweater!

    @SewPetiteGal That is a long sale! But then there is always the "can end at any time" add-on. :)

    Thanks for the comments ladies! I hope to be able to post more next week...lots of Seattle pics are piling up, just unable to post so far. Hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays/secret santa event! Looking forward to catching up more next week! :)

  14. michelle-- just read your comment!
    yay! i'm glad you got the jacket. beware of the buttons, one of mine fell off and thank god i found it. so i'd reinforce the buttons when you get a chance. can't wait to see what else you got!

  15. oh i didn't realize new arrivals were included in the 50% off deal in the store!! good to know! and i really love the first sweater on you -- especially the exposed zipper in the back! but i agree that it does look a bit short. thanks for the great reviews!

  16. I have to say I'm not really feeling either sweater! The first is too chunky knit for my taste (and I can easily make those for myself in the colors that I want, so don't want to pay for it). The second one just has too much going on! I think there are better LOFT items to be found :)


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