Wednesday, December 8, 2010

J. Crew Cardigan and Nine West Orro Booties

Another first for me over the weekend was shopping at Nine West. Thanks to Chloe, I knew they were having a great deal...30% off, plus $20 off on $75 or more. According to my receipt, I saved $91.49! Woo-hoo! One of my purchases included the orro ankle booties. Also, J. Crew had a nice deal...30% off $250 or more. My husband and I stocked up on some items. I got tights, a skirt, cardigan, and bracelets. He got socks. Lol!

Featured Items

j. crew cardigan, xs
style#: 31082
my price: $89.50 $34.99

nine west orro booties, size 7 in medium brown suede
my price: $99.00 $49.30

j. crew crystal pave elastic bangle
style#: unknown
my price: $39.50 $6.99

Also Pictured

LOFT spotted multi tier shell, xxsp

LOFT inky blue wash denim leggings, op
style#: 247737

banana republic necklace, no longer available

Additional Views

The Cardigan

This cardigan is great! I love that it keeps me cozy without feeling too warm. I do not like to wear heavy sweaters in my classroom. By the end of the day, nearly 200 bodies have entered and exited...gets pretty warm and sometimes smelly. :p

The Booties

I love them! They have survived an entire work day, even without additional padding!

Anyone else have good sale finds?


  1. I love that JCrew cardigan. You always found the best deal. Great outfit as always!

  2. I love the color of those booties...and that cardi pairs really well with your LOFT top...your J Crew shopping trip sounds like me and my husband...I'll get a bunch of stuff, and he will buy socks or a plain tee shirt lol!

  3. Those booties look incredible and I love that they are comfortable. The color is just gorgeous. My J. Crew purchases were a fail but I am keeping them because I really hate doing returns. :( Can't wait to see what else you got.

  4. Cute booties! The color is just gorgeous and I of course love the tiered shell! I love all the different versions that LOFT puts out - they're my personal favorites :)

  5. I think your long, lean legs are made to wear ankle-height booties. And wasn't the JCrew sale great? They never had huge sales like that last year on regular and sale items.

  6. I love how the ankle boots look on you!! Cute outfit, as always. : ) Your smile is contagious!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. Super cute outfit, Michelle! You look so good in jeggings it makes me wish I can pull them off too. I like the cardi paired with these ankle booties, color is close enough but not exactly the same.

  8. The shoes are super cute! Love the wedge heel in the back and glad to hear that they're comfortable enough to wear all day. The J. Crew cardigan is also a perfect gold color for this time of year and I love the longer length. Great finds!!

  9. I love everything! I am really into cardigans right now and this one is adorable!! You are lucky you are so long so you can wear those type of shoes :)

  10. michelle what a cute outfit! i love how the different color and prints match so well together. the jeggings look great on you too!

  11. ruffles on ruffles! Daring but it works! You must be like the "cool" teacher to have.

  12. Love your outfit. You look so adorable. The ankle booties look so cute and comfy. If only I could have your legs. :)

  13. You're so pretty! I like your cardi.

  14. Very nice! Love your color mix with the lighter tan and darker booties too! (Your kitty is so pretty!!!)

  15. @PetiteLittleGirl Thanks! I am so excited about me $7 J. Crew bracelets!!

    @Tara Lol! I was trying to get him to pick out real clothes, but he wasn't feeling anything this time.

    @Elle Lol! That is too funny that you don't do returns. :p What do you do with them?

    @SewPetiteGal Thank you! I was a little nervous about the color, since I did not think I had items in my closet to match, but I was able to find some stuff!

    @PetiteAsianGirl True about the sales! I am loving all the great deals!

    @The Little Dust Princess Aw! Thanks!

    @Cee I bet you would look great in jeggings! Maybe try them with a tunic.

    @kileen Thanks! That wedge drew me to them! I am still shocked at how they held up for a work day!

    @Really Petite I did not know that booties were bad for shorter petites! I just assume anything with a heel helps!

    @Ping Thanks Ping!

    @AubreyOhDang! Lol! My students do seem to appreciate my outfit choices. I did wear this similar outfit for work, but paired it with my LOFT work-type-denim skirt and tights very similar to the boots. My kids thought my necklace was from "Pirates of the Caribbean."

    @Vicky Thanks! I did not know my legs were so long! You ladies are making me feel so good! :)

    @DoubleZero Thanks, DoubleZero! :)

    @Callandra Thanks, Callandra! Littlest One likes to swing her butt around all over the place. She thinks she's hot stuff! :p

  16. I echo Aubrey, you must be the popular teacher at your school! Especially in all these stylish outfits :)


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