Saturday, December 4, 2010

Armani Exchange: Studded Cowl Neck Dress and Parachute Cardigan

I know I just made a post today, but I wanted to share my Thursday shopping experience. I am proud to say that I tried a new store...Armani Exchange. I was in love with so many of their jackets! Even my husband found a nice hoodie there. The in-store deal that night was spend $150 and receive $50 off, women's clothing only. Here is what I found (no longer available online):

studded cowl neck dress, size o
shown in rock
style#: Q5A611LN
current price: $130.00 $79.00

parachute cardigan, size xs
shown in fawn, also available in black
style#: Q5W546LN
current price: $88.00 $69.00

puff pyramid necklace
style#: Q5NK862
current price: $38.00 $19.00

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  1. GREAT finds, I have been wanting to try A|X (I believe Ping is a big fan too) but can't ever seem to catch the store on sale. The things you got are SO cute, all three items have so much potential and are so versatile. I can't wait to see what you will do with them. :)

  2. @Elle Thanks, Elle! I am so glad that I visited on a sale night! I do remember Ping getting a sweater there with a fur color. Think I saw it in the store...or something like it.

  3. I love the color of that cardigan and your booties are fabulous! The items you bought seem to be petite friendly, I'll def have to check this store out.....(online I guess because there isn't one in our area).

  4. You look so pretty! I don't really ever shop there, but maybe I need to check it out!

  5. You look so pretty! I love the necklace and colors! The booties go well with the cardi! Good job!

  6. adore the dress! and the booties... SO CUTE! :)

  7. Michelle you look great! After Alterations Needed posted about her Armani Exchange wrap dress a while back I stopped in and found that their items do fit quite small in 0P. However the prices still are too high for me, but you found some pretty pieces with the sale. Bonus that your husband can find stuff there too!

  8. Great find. Never been to Armani Exchange. I need to find a store near me now.
    I love the whole outfit. The dress is very cute. I like the shape and the color.

  9. michelle-- what a cute dress on you. looks like something that you can dress up or down. i haven't been to a|x in awhile. my ex bf and i used to shop there all the time. my current bf doesn't share the love for it :(

  10. wow, beautiful dress and cardigan! i've never tried A|X before but it looks like they are petite friendly! glad to know there's another store we can shop!

  11. Thanks everyone!

    @Callandra That is a bummer that you do not have some of these stores nearby. :(

    @Tara Thanks! Not too many teacher-friendly items, but it is a fun store! :)

    @PetiteAsianGirl Yes! The prices were high. I would rather not think about how much I could have gotten at LOFT for the same price. :p

    @Ping Thanks! I was thinking of you the whole time! Well, not the WHOLE time, but you know what I mean! :p

  12. That dress looks brilliant on you hun! So, does the cardi in fact!

    p.s. did I tell you I love your header?


  13. CUTE! The whole outfit looks perfect on you! I love the dress and booties in particular.

  14. i really love that outfit! i like how you put all the colors together they look great. are those loft shoes? i think i bought them in black lol

  15. Before the petite blogger world, A|X was one of the few places that I knew of that occasionally had items that fit me! Their sleeves are usually too long, but otherwise their jackets can be quite slim-fitting. They're a little on the expensive side for me, and a lot of their stuff is too trendy, but once in a while there are some nice finds. I can see how their XS would fit you perfectly :)


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