Saturday, December 4, 2010

American Eagle: Knit Vest, Waffle Crew, and Equestrian Boots

I am getting ready for Seattle! I usually go to Seattle during baseball season, but we will be up there for a bit during my winter break. This means I need clothes for a real winter, so you may remember I turned to American Eagle. Out of all my online purchases from ae, I am only keeping the vest, waffle crew, and the puffer coat. I bought it in navy, but I am considering the olive or lavender. Although, my husband and sister-in-law say they like the navy. Any thoughts?

The Boots

Way too big. I am either 7 or 7.5 in shoes, so I ordered a 7.5...bad choice! My feet were slipping around in them...even with socks! Also, they are too large for my calves. I could fit my arm and leg in the shoe! I am not too heartbroken, because I found a new pair that fit my calves nicely. They are by Frye, and I tried them on in a 7 at Saks today. It is the Carson in smoke smooth. I did not make the purchase, but I smell a Christmas present!! :) Scroll down for the pic and go here for the boots featured on the Nordstrom website.

ae knit vest, purchased size xxs, chalk
also available in puddle grey
style#: 0341-6112
current price: $59.50 $39.95

ae cozy waffle crew, purchased size xxs, oatmeal grey
also available in lavender whisper, pink drama, black, wineberry, pattern blue
style#: 0348-6179
current price: $34.50 $24.95

ae equestrian boot, purchased size 7 1/2, grey (more of a light brown)
also available in dark brown
style#: 0411-1667
current price: $69.50

Additional Views

Frye boots

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  1. this vest is really cute on you and looks really warm too! i agree that those boots are way too roomy on you but i'm glad you were able to find good fitting ones at Saks. good thing xmas is around the corner!!

    and my fave color for the puffer coat is lavender. followed by navy. :)

  2. You look so cute. I love this casual outfit! The vest is adorable! And you have such a cute smile :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. I like the outfit too, I especially like how the best looks on you. Too bad about the boots, but at least you found great replacements! :)

  4. All your purchases are great for Seattle. I think both boots are cute, but kind of prefer the AE ones more. Do they not make it in size 6.5?

  5. @kileen It is so warm! I went out shopping that night in only jacket needed. It was probably in the 50s or 60s.

    @The Little Dust Princess Aw! Thank you! :)

    @Elle Thanks! It makes me feel better to have some outfits ready for Seattle! Still have more to put together!

    @Cee They do, but no longer available online. ae boots go fast!!

  6. You look so adorable!!!! Love the boots and vest!!!


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