Thursday, December 23, 2010

American Eagle Floral Gathered Dress

If you have not already, be sure to check out Tara of Mix and Match Fashion's special edition this week. Like me, she is a teacher who loves LOFT. She did an excellent job featuring bloggers wearing LOFT for the holiday season, and concludes each post with her own cute outfit! I was featured on Tuesday, along with Callandra of Petite Early Morning Style. Callandra did an excellent job winterizing a soft and flowy dress. It reminds me of the PFC #2. I almost feel like this post is a re-do of that challenge for me, since I cringe at my original submittal. :p That was the last time I wore the black/blue combo.

In both images, I am wearing a dress from American Eagle (see details below) that I had been lusting over. I was waiting for the price to drop, but waited too long. The oo had vanished online. Then, nearly a month later it reappeared, and I was not going to let it go! Once again, it is sold out online in oo, but you may be able to have my same luck, or if you are so inclined, hunt it down in store.

I also want to add that I love the LOFT tights I am wearing (although photos do not do them justice). I picked up an extra pair this week for 40% off. They are an unusual color with a scallop design, so I wanted to have a back-up pair! :)

LOFT belted military jacket, size oop
style#: 250141
current price: $89.00 $19.88 (final sale)

ae floral gathered dress, size oo
shown in grey, also avaialbe in purple
style#: 0394-9383
current price: $44.50$19.95

LOFT textured tights, size s
shown in storm grey
style#: 181977
current price: $14.50

LOFT shilla tie suede bootie, size 7 in stone

LOFT long stone illusion necklace

armani exchange parachute cardigan, size xs
shown in fawn, also available in black
style#: Q5W546LN
current price: $88.00 $69.00 (recent store find)

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  1. I love your dress, I am such a sucker for floral dresses (no matter what season). I especially like the second look, it's so pretty! :)

  2. I had (have?) the biggest crush on that dress. Unfortunately, when it finally went on sale, they were sold out of my size & I haven't been able to track one down. Fingers crossed they make a similar style this spring.

    You look great though. Love how you stuck with the gray/neutral tones throughout.

  3. What a great floral dress and the tights sound amazing with a scalloped design!

    I like the pairing of the cardigan and dress since it's flowing and cozy looking. =)

  4. great floral dress and i love how it looks paired with the scalloped tights! and good job for finding it on sale too!!

  5. I love your outfit...that Military Jacket is really cute...I'll have to see if I can hunt that down in stores (hopefully I'll have some giftcards...ha!) It pairs perfectly with the floral dress! Oh, and thanks for the shout out! I loved the one item worn three ways!

  6. You look beautiful Michelle! Love that combination :)

  7. Ooooo you look beautiful! I love everything about this outfit- the feminine dress with the jacket- goes so nicely together! And you are one of the few petites that can pull off the bootie look- it doesn't seem to cut off your legs:)

  8. What a fabulous deal on the military jacket! I really love how you paired it with the dress :) I'm a sucker for pairing military with the femininity of floral and have an upcoming post on it too. I agree with Really Petite on the bootie - you really pull it off nicely.

  9. Really cute dress and what a great way to "winterize" the outfit. Happy holidays, Michelle!

  10. Thanks ladies! Hope everyone enjoys the holidays!

    @Kristen Hope you end up finding one. They will most likely have some kind of pretty small floral pattern for the spring/summer!

    @Tara No problem! :) Gift cards are so nice! My birthday falls in June, so I mostly survived off of gift card money for back to school clothes! Hoping for some December cards that will get me through the end of the school year!

    @Really Petite Thanks! I did not realize that booties were typically a petite no-no! That sounds like something for PFC#1! :)

  11. The color of those tights are awesome! you're right about AE items re-listing or reappearing again. I just saw the purple brocade dress sz 0 (that I've been pining for) available online yesterday in the clearance section, and I immediately snatched it up! yay! thank goodness I thought to check the website again. Merry Xmas!

  12. What a great outfit, I love it!! The tights are a wonderful color too. I've been wanting to try tights from the Loft but figured that they would be too long with extra length in the legs. Can you please tell me how they fit in that respect? Thanks Michelle and Merry Christmas!!

  13. @olyvia Yay! Glad you got it! I was very close to buying the purple one in store on Friday, but forced myself to put it back! :p

    @Callandra I have not experienced any problems with the length in the legs. In fact, I sometimes have to go back and pull them even tighter to get them to fit in the legs. The long part for me is the torso...they go all the way up to mid-ribs if I pull them all the way up. Does not bother me, though.

  14. You look so cute as always! :) The floral dress is so pretty!


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