Monday, December 27, 2010

LOFT: Back Zip Striped Crew Neck Sweater & Stripe Carigan

I recently posted about the new early spring new arrivals from LOFT here. I did end up returning the chambray boyfriend shirt. Perhaps we will meet again for $15 or less. :) Next up for the early spring arrivals are the back zip striped crew neck sweater and the stripe cardigan.

The current LOFT promotion of 50% off runs through January 3. If you are ordering online, new arrivals are excluded from this deal. However, if you are purchasing in store, new arrivals are included in the deal!

back zip striped crew neck sweater
xxsp in praline
style#: 255632
price: $59.50

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I was in love with this sweater on the hanger...soft creamy praline color, thin blue stripes, and a back zipper! Ah! However, the fit is all wrong. Too short, odd fit in the chest, and a weird bulge at my hips.

Stripe Cardigan

stripe cardigan
xxsp in fresh navy, also available in lily orange
style#: 254381
price: $54.50

This cardigan fits well. The sleeve length is ideal. The sleeves are snug, so take this into consideration if you want to use it as a layering piece. It would work best over a camisole, not a long-sleeve tee. It is an okay design, but not sure if I would ever purchase this. It is whispering Beetlejuice (you know, the movie?) to me. Maybe the stripes and dots were too much, or maybe I need to go for the lily orange.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

American Eagle Floral Gathered Dress

If you have not already, be sure to check out Tara of Mix and Match Fashion's special edition this week. Like me, she is a teacher who loves LOFT. She did an excellent job featuring bloggers wearing LOFT for the holiday season, and concludes each post with her own cute outfit! I was featured on Tuesday, along with Callandra of Petite Early Morning Style. Callandra did an excellent job winterizing a soft and flowy dress. It reminds me of the PFC #2. I almost feel like this post is a re-do of that challenge for me, since I cringe at my original submittal. :p That was the last time I wore the black/blue combo.

In both images, I am wearing a dress from American Eagle (see details below) that I had been lusting over. I was waiting for the price to drop, but waited too long. The oo had vanished online. Then, nearly a month later it reappeared, and I was not going to let it go! Once again, it is sold out online in oo, but you may be able to have my same luck, or if you are so inclined, hunt it down in store.

I also want to add that I love the LOFT tights I am wearing (although photos do not do them justice). I picked up an extra pair this week for 40% off. They are an unusual color with a scallop design, so I wanted to have a back-up pair! :)

LOFT belted military jacket, size oop
style#: 250141
current price: $89.00 $19.88 (final sale)

ae floral gathered dress, size oo
shown in grey, also avaialbe in purple
style#: 0394-9383
current price: $44.50$19.95

LOFT textured tights, size s
shown in storm grey
style#: 181977
current price: $14.50

LOFT shilla tie suede bootie, size 7 in stone

LOFT long stone illusion necklace

armani exchange parachute cardigan, size xs
shown in fawn, also available in black
style#: Q5W546LN
current price: $88.00 $69.00 (recent store find)

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LOFT: Chambray Boyfriend Shirt & Double-Breasted Jacket with Patch Pockets

I stopped by LOFT on Monday to return all three of my cowl neck sweaters. See my post about the fit of the xxsp, xxs, and xs here. While at LOFT, I tried on a few items from their early spring collection. Two of my favorites included the chambray boyfriend shirt and the double-breasted jacket with patch pockets. Coming up in later reviews will be the back zipped striped crew neck sweater and the stripe cardigan.

LOFT is currently offering 40% off your entire order. This does not include the new arrivals featured in this post, but does include non-new arrivals and sale items. UPDATE! The previous mentioned deal is still on, but there is a better deal in stores. Now through December 26, LOFT will take 40% off your entire purchase, including new arrivals. Thanks Vicky for the heads up! :)

In case you are wondering, the mirror was written on for the St. Jude's event going on. It reads:

"How much does it take to help?
1 meal card (1 day).....$30
Even $1 will make a difference!"

May I say, the extra dots on the ellipsis bothers me so much!! Lol!

More Views

chambray boyfriend shirt, xxsp
style#: 254250
price: $44.50

I love how denim creates such a neutral canvas...I can do almost anything with accessories. I love the shirring on the shoulders and back!! Also, the fabric feels amazing!! Important to note, I realized when I got home that the sleeves can roll down all the way to my wrists, but I prefer the cuffed look. My only complaint about this top is the poofiness. It is called "boyfriend" it only makes sense. :p

I did purchase this shirt, but still need to try it on for my husband for the final word. Although it is quite poofy, I can see it used as a tuck-in for work. Also, I think it looks cute with skinny jeans for a simple daytime look. Definitely not a date night shirt!

UPDATE I returned the top. The elastic bottom was frequently riding up, exposing about an inch of skin. This would be ok if the top was meant to do that, but I do not think it is intended to look that way. I will consider re-purchasing for less than $15 to use as a tuck in shirt with skirts.

Double-Breasted Jacket with Patch Pockets

double-breasted jacket with patch pockets, xxsp in grey blue stripe
style#: 254475
price: $79.50

diagonal stripe tee, xxsp in desert sand
style#: 254437
price: $39.50

I am a huge fan of this jacket! Look at the buttons on the sleeve!! It is a lot more fitted than it appears online. I prefer the look buttoned, but figured I should include some pics of it un-bottened for yah! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this when it goes on sale!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

LOFT Cowl Neck Sweater: xxsp, xxs, & xs

Last weekend I purchased the cowl neck sweater in store for $21.25. It was on special for $25, plus I received my teacher discount of 15% off. When I got home and tried it on for my husband, he did not like how large it fit me. Determined to get an inexpensive and cozy sweater for Seattle, I purchased two more online in xxsp and xsp. I need some help! Which looks best? Or perhaps I should return all of them?

If anyone is interested in the sweater, or others, the current promotion is 50% off full-priced sweaters, new arrivals excluded. No code needed. This sale runs through tomorrow, Monday, 12/20.

cowl neck sweater
xxsp in desert mauve
xxs & xs in pebble heather
style#: 248344
price: $59.50


Huge bummer...there is a big hole on the collar! :(



Overall, I love how warm and cozy it is. I wish the xxsp sleeves were longer! I was happy with the sleeve length of the xxs and xs. The fabric is not itchy at all! I am unsure about all the openings. Confused about what to wear underneath. The xxsp I wore nothing but my dark bra...silly of me. In the other pics, I wore a cream cami, but you can still see my bra strap...silly again. Perhaps just a light bra will do the trick.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Romeo & Juliet Couture Shawl Cardigan Vest

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

A big THANK YOU! to Elle! :) After a long work week, I came home on Friday to my package from Elle's reader appreciation giveaway. It was a pleasant surprise! Elle even wrapped it (see below)! The cats love anything new, so they were all over it! They got a special treat out of it, too...a pretty blue ribbon to play with (again, see below).

I do not own a shawl, and am thrilled to have this new piece added to my closet! I am in love with it! It keeps my neck so unbelievably warm! I love that the length in the back is cropped, so that it does not overwhelm a petite body. This will definitely be going with me to Seattle this month.

My husband and I had dinner plans on Sunday night, so of course I put together an outfit with the shawl. But before we left for dinner, we had some dog sitting duties to attend to at my in-laws, so you will get to meet Holly in the pics below. The other three were too busy rolling and snorting around on the couch. Lol!

romeo & juliet couture shawl cardigan vest, small
shown in heat beige
style#: RJ20765

Additional Views

Holly sneakin' in the pic

Love the details!

Little Girl is interested in the package. That's the new rug I bought from Ballard last month

Littlest Girl went nuts for the ribbon!

Thanks again, Elle!! :)

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

LOFT: Cowl Neck Sweater, Striped Cardigans: Sequins and Ikat, & Equestrian Wool Trousers

I am sure you know by now, but just to remind you, LOFT is offering a great deal on the cowl neck sweater. Normally priced at $59.50, it is offered for $25, today only! Use code HOLIDAY to receive free shipping. Unfortunately it was not available in petite sizes in store today, so I picked up an xs. When I got it home and tried it on for my husband he thought it looked too big on me. I will be returning it. I could not pass up a nice cozy sweater for $25, so I just ordered it online in an xxsp in desert mauve and an xxs in pebble heather. I will keep the one I like best.

Another current promotion is the 40% off your entire purchase, excluding new arrivals. Again, use code HOLIDAY to receive that promotion, plus free shipping.

cowl neck sweater
xs in desert mauve
style#: 248344
price: $59.50 $25

More Items

cardigan with ikat spots, xxsp in tropical sand
style#: 254234
price: $69.50

hidden chain tee, xxsp
style#: 252584
store price: $16.99
online price: $24.99

equestrian wool lean trousers, oop in charcoal melange
style#: 252105
price: $69.99

The Infamous Wool Trousers

I had to try these on after seeing them on Annie, Jean, and Kelly. I do like them, but feel my current shoe collection is unprepared for them. I only own one pair of classic pumps, but cannot keep the darn things on my feet, so I never wear them. Of course, booties would look strange with these pants. I also think that my open-toe heels would be too chilly.

striped cardigan w/sequins, xxsp in beach sand heather
style#: 253449
price: $69.50

hidden chain tee, xxsp
style#: 252584
store price: $16.99
online price: $24.99

willow wash modern boot cut jeans, oop
style#: 247107
my price: $59.50 $13.99

The Cardigans and Jeans

Although I do love the style and fit of both cardigans, neither were purchased. I have been making a lot of purchases for myself lately, and felt too guilty about it. :/ The jeans I felt ok buying, since they were on mega sale. For some reason the store only gave me 30% off the sale price, but not 40% off. What is that about?! Oh well, they were super cheap to begin with.

Anyone else pick up LOFT items this weekend?

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

J. Crew Cardigan and Nine West Orro Booties

Another first for me over the weekend was shopping at Nine West. Thanks to Chloe, I knew they were having a great deal...30% off, plus $20 off on $75 or more. According to my receipt, I saved $91.49! Woo-hoo! One of my purchases included the orro ankle booties. Also, J. Crew had a nice deal...30% off $250 or more. My husband and I stocked up on some items. I got tights, a skirt, cardigan, and bracelets. He got socks. Lol!

Featured Items

j. crew cardigan, xs
style#: 31082
my price: $89.50 $34.99

nine west orro booties, size 7 in medium brown suede
my price: $99.00 $49.30

j. crew crystal pave elastic bangle
style#: unknown
my price: $39.50 $6.99

Also Pictured

LOFT spotted multi tier shell, xxsp

LOFT inky blue wash denim leggings, op
style#: 247737

banana republic necklace, no longer available

Additional Views

The Cardigan

This cardigan is great! I love that it keeps me cozy without feeling too warm. I do not like to wear heavy sweaters in my classroom. By the end of the day, nearly 200 bodies have entered and exited...gets pretty warm and sometimes smelly. :p

The Booties

I love them! They have survived an entire work day, even without additional padding!

Anyone else have good sale finds?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Armani Exchange: Studded Cowl Neck Dress and Parachute Cardigan

I know I just made a post today, but I wanted to share my Thursday shopping experience. I am proud to say that I tried a new store...Armani Exchange. I was in love with so many of their jackets! Even my husband found a nice hoodie there. The in-store deal that night was spend $150 and receive $50 off, women's clothing only. Here is what I found (no longer available online):

studded cowl neck dress, size o
shown in rock
style#: Q5A611LN
current price: $130.00 $79.00

parachute cardigan, size xs
shown in fawn, also available in black
style#: Q5W546LN
current price: $88.00 $69.00

puff pyramid necklace
style#: Q5NK862
current price: $38.00 $19.00

Additional Views

American Eagle: Knit Vest, Waffle Crew, and Equestrian Boots

I am getting ready for Seattle! I usually go to Seattle during baseball season, but we will be up there for a bit during my winter break. This means I need clothes for a real winter, so you may remember I turned to American Eagle. Out of all my online purchases from ae, I am only keeping the vest, waffle crew, and the puffer coat. I bought it in navy, but I am considering the olive or lavender. Although, my husband and sister-in-law say they like the navy. Any thoughts?

The Boots

Way too big. I am either 7 or 7.5 in shoes, so I ordered a 7.5...bad choice! My feet were slipping around in them...even with socks! Also, they are too large for my calves. I could fit my arm and leg in the shoe! I am not too heartbroken, because I found a new pair that fit my calves nicely. They are by Frye, and I tried them on in a 7 at Saks today. It is the Carson in smoke smooth. I did not make the purchase, but I smell a Christmas present!! :) Scroll down for the pic and go here for the boots featured on the Nordstrom website.

ae knit vest, purchased size xxs, chalk
also available in puddle grey
style#: 0341-6112
current price: $59.50 $39.95

ae cozy waffle crew, purchased size xxs, oatmeal grey
also available in lavender whisper, pink drama, black, wineberry, pattern blue
style#: 0348-6179
current price: $34.50 $24.95

ae equestrian boot, purchased size 7 1/2, grey (more of a light brown)
also available in dark brown
style#: 0411-1667
current price: $69.50

Additional Views

Frye boots

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