Friday, November 26, 2010

Online Purchases: AE on Black Friday

I feel unprepared for my Seattle trip in December, so I spent this morning making purchases from They are my current favorite for in-expensive casual attire. Plus, I love the frequent free shipping offers, which allow me to buy extra items, and return the poor-fitting items back to the store.

The current deal is free shipping until Nov. 29th. The Thanksgiving deal of 25% off your entire purchase still worked for me today. Try using code 46932285.

Black Friday Purchases

ae knit vest, purchased size xxs, chalk
also available in puddle grey
style#: 0341-6112
current price: $59.50 $49.95

ae flannel plaid boyfriend shirt, purchased size xxs, turqoise
also available in pink
style#: 1354-5234
current price: $39.50 $29.95

ae cozy waffle crew, purchased size xxs, oatmeal grey
also available in lavender whisper, pink drama, black, wineberry, pattern blue
style#: 0348-6179
current price: $34.50 $24.95

ae polar fleece jacket, purchased size xxs, anthracite
also available in cherry rock, aqua, grape, rugged grey, chalk, dusty rose, navy
style#: 1454-7098
current price: $39.50 $24.95

ae puffer coat, purchased size xxs, navy
also available in chalk, olive, lavender, black
style#: 0386-1212
current price: $119.50 $99.95

ae equestrian boot, purchased size 7 1/2, grey (more of a light brown)
also available in dark brown
style#: 0411-1667
current price: $69.50

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  1. AE is my go-to for casual wear too :) I really wanted to buy something to take advantage of the 25% + free shipping but there's nothing I really want right now :( So I'll live vicariously through you and await your reveals :D

  2. Looks like you got some great casual layering pieces. It does seem like AE is a trifle expensive for being geared more for younger kids ...(is it just me?) I've been eyeing their cross-body bags though. I am anxious to see how these things fit you (I may be a devout convert if they're fabulishious ;) Thanks for posting this code, sounds like it might be cheaper for me to get a cross body bag online rather than in-store.

  3. Looks like you got some great deals! Can't wait to see the review!

  4. Really liking the boots and vest!

  5. wow, great Black Friday deals! i haven't shopped American Eagle in awhile, so i'm eager to see how these fit you. i especially like the boots and the plaid shirt picks!

  6. oh wow you got a lot of things! i like the jacket, plaid shirt and boots -- didn't realized that ae sold shoes! i need to to get warm stuff like this for going to missouri and my bf said its cold there...not looking forward to it!

  7. Cute jacket and boots, great findings!

  8. Love the purchases! I think I have a similar AE grey top. :D The first vest is adorable.. and the flannel is so cute!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. I love the vest and the plaid shirt....I'm in need of a great plaid shirt!!

  10. @Callandra It seems about right for t-shirts...$20. For the other items it gets pricier. I was looking at their cross-body bags, too! I need a purse for street-walking (shopping, not THAT kind!) in Seattle. I felt too guilty after all the purchases added up. Maybe I can request one for Christmas. :p

    @Ping Yes, Missouri will be cold! Can't wait to see the items you put together. I have never made an effort to build a real winter wardrobe, so I am trying to have fun with it.

    To those that like the flannel, just be aware that there are only a few offered on in xxs.

    Forgot to mention...check out aerie on the ae website. They specialize in the bras and panties, but also sell apparel.

  11. Love the knit vest and the esquestrian boots.. awesome purchases.

    xx Love & Aloha

  12. LOve your new blog and great AE picks :0)

  13. Hey Michelle! I'm so sorry..I forgot to add .html to the end of the URL for my giveaway link. Could you please add that and doublecheck if the link works? Thanks so much! : )

  14. Hi Michele, I'm really loving the vest and the boots. Can't wait to see them on you!

  15. I love the sweatshirt and boots! Are you really a size 7.5? Lucky girl!!!!!

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